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Type-A V-Belt Pulleys

A-Section Pulleys for V-Belts

Buff up your hardware's strength with A-section pulleys from USA Roller Chain & Sprockets. The feature that makes our A-type belt pulley stand out is dynamic balancing matched exclusively with A-Series V-Belts. With the material's weight evenly distributed around the 4L V-belt pulley, your machinery operates longer with enhanced precision. Explore our inventory of AK pulleys, including 2AK, AKH and 2AKH types. Learn more about each type-A V-belt pulley by looking closely at the metal material. Our parts come with grade 35 cast iron, whereas other brands rely on standard grade 25. Swap out your standard metal with cast iron, and the difference is night and day. Each pulley type-A operates with a smooth reaction time for almost any industrial application. These pulleys also operate for longer periods than other parts because of the wear resistance inherent to cast iron.

If you're worried about corrosion, USA Roller Chain has you covered with A-type belt pulley parts painted with protective substances. Phosphate covering every pulley fights off the corrosion that plagues most systems. Go ahead and slowly swap out your system's pulleys. Our stock works interchangeably with other manufacturers' parts. That's our dedication to your work ethic and budgeting needs.