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81X Steel Bushed Roller Chains

81X series chains were originally introduced in the early 1900s for heavy-duty industrial and agricultural conveying applications. However, these chains posed a great solution for mill applications that were facing issues with failing "standard" roller chains. Our 81X series roller chains offer exceptional performance at a value-based price point. Our chains include; fully heat-treat components, solid rollers, solid bushings, and in most cases a quad-staked rivet design to allow for side-loads. We stock standard 81X, heavy and extra heavy duty 81X chains, as well as roof-top/ camelback 81X chains.

How To Identify 81X Series Chain

The first thing you want to check is if there is a part number designation on the side of the chain. This will tell you right off the bat what chain you have. If this information is not on the sidebars of the chain then follow the below steps.

1st: Measure the center of one pin to the center of the next one. This is commonly known as the pitch and is represented by dimension P on the above drawing.
2nd: Measure the pin diameter, this is represented by dimension D.
3rd: Measure the roller diameter, this is represented by dimension R.
4th: Measure the roller width, this is represented by dimension W.
5th: Measure the plate thickness, this is represented by dimension T.
6th: Measure the plate height, this is represented by dimension H.

after getting these critical dimensions you can match them up with the below chart to verify what size chain you have. Please notate any special additions like attachments, chrome pins, or stainless material when requesting the chain.
Chain Size Pitch (P) (D) (R)(W)(T)(H)


Note: 81XHH, 81XHD, and 81XXHD are the same size just with different part number designations.