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Rod End Bearings

Our rod ends are specifically manufactured for industrial and agricultural applications; made from premium grades of carbon steel and precision high-performance bearings our rod ends are designed for durability and performance. The origin of rod end bearings dates back to World War II when they were discovered on fighter planes as a component for controlling the aircraft's control systems. In today's times, rod ends are used in many industrial and agricultural applications such as; construction equipment, plant machinery, ag equipment, and more! We supply both right-hand and left-hand rod ends, male and female configurations, and with an optional re-lube port. Our rod ends are engineered and made to be used in very dynamic applications ranging from light-duty to extreme duty, we do not supply rod ends for automotive applications including recreational vehicles. Design-wise rod ends consist of an eye-shaped head with an integral shank that creates a solid housing for a bearing. For additional information or to get a quote on rod end bearings contact our customer support team and we will be happy to assist you!