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Hitachi Roller Chain

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As a premier authorized distributor for Hitachi roller chain and Hitachi Maxco (Senqcia) products, USA Roller Chain and Sprockets offers some of the best pricing and customer service in the industry. Hitachi roller chain is offered in four different quality levels: Max, Hi-Max, Ultra-Max, and Inspire, each posing their own benefits and price point.

The Max Series roller chains are manufactured in China to ANSI specifications and are good in applications that require a light-duty industrial roller chain. The Max series features ANSI single strand roller chains, double strand, heavy type, double pitch, mill chains, double flex chains, and more right off the shelf.

The Hi-Max series Hitachi roller chain offers an advantage to the Max series by being manufactured in Taiwan, having solid bushings and solid rollers in ANSI sizes 80 and up, shot peened components, very good pre-lubrication, and offers a high rated working load. It is an economical high performance roller chain series. The Hi-Max series features ANSI single strand roller chains, double strand, triple strand, stainless steel, nickel plated, heavy type, double pitch, ISO and metric chains, mill chains, double flex chains, engineer class chains, and more right off the shelf.

The Ultra-Max series takes things a step further than the Hi-Max by featuring solid bushings/ solid rollers on all sizes, 6 station cold formed round parts, shot peened, excellent pre-lubrication, and a very high working load. The Ultra-Max series chains are offered in the same sizes and types as the Hi-Max Series chains just with the added benefits.

The Inspire Series roller chains are the strongest chains offered by Senqcia and continue to out preform and out last the competition by being the highest rated standard roller chain in the world. What this chain has over Ultra-Max series, on-top of the solid bushings/ solid rollers and all other benefits is the special stainless steel shot peening process making the chain have a slight anti-corrosive property to it and being manufactured in Japan using high quality raw materials. Also it has a patented mechanical treatment for triple zone hardening, the best pre lubricant, and the highest working loads. Something new about the Inspire series chains is the boron steel pins which increases strength, toughness, and wear life. Luckily, the Inspire Series chains are available in pretty much any size in the entire Hitachi Roller Chain offering, as well as non-standard and made to order options.

Hitachi also offers a few specialty roller chains for problem solving or increased performance. They are: Mega Chains, Perfect Coat Plus, Freedom Series, Double Capacity, and Seal Guard.

MegaChains are stainless steel roller chains that offer the same strength and performance as a carbon steel chain, making this the strongest stainless steel roller chain on the market that runs on ANSI Standard sprockets.

Perfect Coat Plus roller chain is basically the Inspire Series roller chain with an anti corrosive coating on the outside for harsh environments.

Freedom Series roller chain is a self lubricating chain that does not require maintenance and is also apart of the Inspire Series.

Seal Guard Series roller chains are the modern version of O-Ring roller chains and often offers better performance and wear life with a lower cost. These chains are also apart of the Inspire series and can be used in special applications as well.

Besides roller chain, Hitachi (Senqcia) also offers environmental products, leaf chains, engineer class chains, mill chains, agricultural chains, and more. USA Roller Chain and Sprockets is an authorized distributor for Hitachi Roller Chain and sets its self apart from the market place by being a Women Based Minority Business, having an A+ BBB Rating, and offering a highly trained expert customer service team with over 100+ years of combined industry knowledge and experience. For more information or to get pricing and availability on Hitachi roller chain please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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