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Shear Pin Sprockets

Shear pin sprockets have been used in various industrial applications for many years. The simple yet highly intuitive design allows for a "sacrificial" component to be put in place within a piece of equipment designed to fail should an occurrence such as overloading or jamming should occur. Utilizing a shear-pin sprocket can prevent "train wreaks" in wastewater applications and severe damage to equipment in many other applications. We supply shear pin sprockets for wastewater facilities, lumber mills, plant machinery, live bottom trucks, and more!

How a shear pin sprocket works is a unique hub fastened to the sprocket with a bolted or necked shear pin. The drive's size and the equipment's safe operating load determine the shear pin diameter. When the drive is overloaded, the pin breaks or "shears"; this disconnects the drive immediately, saving it from a complete system failure. An important note about shear pin sprockets is that it is imperative to perform routine maintenance on the sprocket; this involves cleaning and greasing the pin hub face and the sprocket face; this ensures that, if needed, the shear pin mechanism will work as intended. Contact our customer support team for pricing and availability on a shear pin sprocket, and we will be happy to assist you!

Shear Pin Sprocket Capabilities

Our capabilities in producing and supplying shear pin sprockets are near limitless. The below list shows our shear-pin sprocket capabilities.
  • ANSI & Metric Roller Chain Sprockets
  • Stainless Steel Sprockets
  • Mill Chain Sprockets
  • Engineer-Class Sprockets
  • Non-Metallic/ Plastic Sprockets
  • Pintle Chain Sprockets

Shear Pin Replacement

We also offer replacement shear pins for our sprockets. It is always recommended to keep a spare shear pin on the shelf for circumstances where a shear-pin sprocket was used so you can get back up and running. Replacement shear pins are available in aluminum, stainless, carbon, or alloy steels.

Shear Pin Sprocket Selection

Properly sizing the shear pin sprocket assembly is essential. Failure to do so could result in equipment damage or frequent unwanted failures. Using one of the following formulas, calculate the torque load the pin must transmit. Once this value is established, we can determine the application's correct shear pin neck diameter.