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Peanut Elevator Chain

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USA Roller Chain & Sprockets offers a premium line of Peanut Elevator Chain as well as a full line of premium C2050 sprockets, C2060H Sprockets, and C2080H sprockets. This chain is typically supplied in 10' boxes including one connecting link per box.

Our Peanut Elevator Chain Features:
  • Wide Waist Plates For Increased Strength
  • Shot Peened Plates For Optimal Fatigue
  • Premium Quality Lubricant For Increased Wear Life
  • Available With Chromized Pins For Extended Wear Life
  • Sprockets With Hardened Teeth Available
  • Typically In Stock

This peanut elevator chain is manufactured to be extremely durable, high-strength, and have optimal performance. For More information or to get a quote on peanut elevator chain please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Phone: (407) 347-3519
Email: sales@usarollerchain.com