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800 Class Pintle Chain

800 class pintle chain
This class of pintle chain is used in elevating and mining applicants. It features a specially designed pin and cotter to prevent breakage and if breakage occurs the chain will remain intact. We can also supply 800 class pintle chain sprockets and elevator buckets.
Stock 800-Class Pintle Chains
800 class pintle chain drawing
Chain SizePitchUltimate StrengthBarrel Diameter (B)Barrel Length (C)Sidebar Height (F)Weight
6.00"204,800 LBS2.38"3.88"3.13"30.0 LBS/ FT
6.00"84,600 LBS1.75"3.50"2.13"14.1 LBS/ FT
6.00"140,600 LBS1.75"3.50"2.06"16.2 LBS/ FT
6.00"124,000 LBS2.00"3.50"2.25"17.0 LBS/ FT

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