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Cardan Chain & Biplaner Chain

These chains are considered continuous mining chains and often go by cardan chain or biplaner chain because they are most commonly used in Cardan and biplaner equipment. These chains are designed with special universal U-Joints, making them multidirectional, and are used in high-speed continuous applications, including tunneling machines. Some of the key benefits of our selections of these chains are the use of high-grade alloy steels for improved strength, special precision hardness heat treats to improve abrasion and wear, and heavy press-fitments to improve fatigue strength. Our cardan/ biplaner chains are ready for the task, whether above-ground or underground mining applications! For additional information or to get a quote, contact our customer service team, and we will be happy to assist you!

Cardan & Biplaner Mining Chain Dimensions

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Chain Size Dimension (P + P1) Dimension (P) Dimension (P1) Dimension (LX)
4CCBP 4.000" 2.000" 2.000" 18.75"
525CCBP 5.250" 2.438" 2.813" 16.05"
525-1CCBP 5.250" 2.625" 2.625" 23.50"
5625CCBP 5.625" 2.625" 3.000" 27.50"
325-36CCBP Request Info Request Info Request Info 36"
325-28CCBP Request Info Request Info Request Info 28"

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