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ANSI-Certified Leaf Chains

USA Roller Chain has the best prices and quality available on leaf chains with our premium and economy lines. You’ll find the right product whether you need a leaf chain for forklifts, machine tools, rolling door counter balances, or any other application. We vet all leaf chain suppliers and products for the highest-quality, most durable leaf chains. All of our leaf chains are heavy duty with tensile strengths that vary from thousands to tens of thousands of pounds. Our store features two types of leaf chain, the AL Series for lighter lifting, and the BL Series for more heavy-duty work. Additionally, our leaf chains meet both ANSI and ASME standards.

When you buy leaf chains from USA Roller Chain, you won’t have to reorder for a good while. We have confidence in our products. If you’re not sure what chain you need to reorder for your machine, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We get calls from customers regarding this issue all the time, and we’re happy to help.