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Pintle Chain Sprockets

Our line of pintle chain sprockets ranges in bore size, hub type (A-plate, B-Hub, or C-Hub), and material (cast or steel). Please note that the majority of our steel sprockets are supplied with heat-treating on the teeth but additional hardened is available upon request. We also supply split, idler, and segmented tooth sprockets. All of our American steel pintle chain sprockets are manufactured using the ASME elongated tooth structure to promote longevity and a self-cleaning design to prevent chain jumping. What separates our pintle chain sprockets from others is the high-quality steel and high-grade cast materials used for each sprocket type, also the majority of our sprockets are manufactured right here in the USA! We also stock a full line of premium quality pintle chains.

Stock Pintle Chain Sprockets include chain sizes: 662, 667H, 667X, 667XH, 667J, 88C, 88K, 88XH
Non-Stock Pintle Chain Sprockets include chain sizes: 308C and 58, these can be manufactured within 1-2 weeks
Note: Our sprockets directly interchange with other sprocket and chain brands.

Pintle Chain Sprocket Size Chart

This chart shows the standard tooth-count size for each pintle chain size. For additional information select the tooth count needed or part number, or contact us.
6-tooth 667B6 667H B6 667J B6 667X B6 667XH B6 88C688C6 88C6
7-tooth 667B8 667H B8 667J B8 667X B8 667XH B8 88C7 88C7 88C7
8-tooth 667B9 667H B9 667J B9 667X B9667XH B9 88C8 88C8 88C8
9-tooth 667C6 667H C6 667J C6 667X C6 667XH C6 88C9 88C9 88C9
10-tooth667C8 667H C8 667J C8 667X C8 667XH C8 88C10 88C10 88C10
11-tooth-- -- ---- -- 88C11 88C11 88C11
12-tooth -- -- -- -- -- 88C12 88C12 88C12
13-tooth -- -- -- -- -- 88C1488C14 88C14
14-tooth -- -- -- -- -- 88C16 88C16 88C16
15-tooth -- -- -- -- -- 88C19 88C19 88C19
16-tooth -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
17-tooth -- -- -- -- ---- -- --
18-tooth -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
19-tooth -- -- ---- -- -- -- --
20-tooth -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Additional sizes available upon request.

How to Identify Pintle Chain Sprockets

If you don't know what sprocket you have or need here are step-by-step instructions as to identifying your sprockets.

Step 1:
The very first step is going to be identifying what chain you are currently using. If you already know this then proceed to the next step. If not, go to our How To Identify Pintle Chain Page.

Step 2:
The next step is simply counting your sprocket teeth, this is known as the tooth count.

Step 3:
Next is to identify the hub-type.

Above are the three common hub types (A-plate, B-Hub, and C-Hub).

Step 4:
If your sprocket is a B-Hub or C-Hub we need to measure and identify the bore size and type.

A plane bore is typically a plain hole located in the center of the sprocket and a finished bore is typically furnished with a key-way and two set-screws.

Step 5:
The final step is making note of the material (cast, steel, or other) and designating if the sprocket is a solid construction or a two-piece split sprocket along with any other special or custom modifications that may be done to your specific pintle chain sprocket. With this information contact us and we will quote you.

New! We now also stock Pacific Industries (PII) brand steel pintle chain sprockets!

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Requesting Pintle Chain Sprockets

To get a quote on pintle chain sprockets fill out the request for quote form and someone from our customer service team will contact you.

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