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Plastic Shaft Collars

When people think of shaft collars they generally don't consider plastic as a material option due to the more commonly used metal ones. Plastic shaft collars actually have proven service advantages in a wide range of applications and are a low weight-to-strength ratio part that generally reduces heat as well. Engineered plastics have been used more and more in the industry due to the versatility and relatively low cost to performance ratios. More specifically, plastic shaft collars have been used in the Power Transmission industry since the 1990s. USA Roller Chain and Sprockets supplies a line of premium plastic shaft collars that are used in an extensively broad range of industrial and agricultural applications.
Material Options:
Nylon - Strong, stiff, great wear properties
Acetal - Strong, stiff, broad temperature range, high performance, great wear properties
UHMW - Stress/ crack resistance, abrasion resistant, economical
Delrin® - Extremely strong, precise, stiff, great wear properties
The most popular option and what we primarily use for plastic shaft collars is UHMW plastic, its properties have proven the best for general and industrial uses. We stock standard sizes of plastic shaft collars but can produce custom sizes and custom material shaft collars.

Standard Inside Diameter Size Range: 1" - 4"
Standard Outside Diameter Size Range: 6" - 8"
Standard With: 1"

One-Piece Plastic Shaft Collars

Plastic one piece shaft "single-split" collars act by wrapping themselves around the shaft with a result of an even distribution of clamping forces, meaning that you'll get a tight fit and greater holding power without shaft damage that can be caused by set screws. This style of collar is easy to remove, highly adjustable, and perform superbly on virtually any shaft.

Two-Piece Plastic Shaft Collars

Using a two-piece "double-split" plastic shaft collar has the same benefits as a one-piece but with additional versatility and conveyance. A split designed collar allows for easy installation and disassembly, which translates into less downtime and labor hours much like a split sprocket would. The two set-screw design utilizes the full seating torque of the set-screws to apply a uniform and even distribution of forces around the circumference of the shaft. The clamping forces provided by a two-piece plastic shaft collar are superior compared to those of a one-piece type.

Set-Screw Plastic Shaft Collars

The set-screw "solid" plastic shaft collars are most effectively used on shafting that is made from a material that is softer than the 303-stainless steel set screw (240 Vickers/ 19 Rockwell C). However, our collars most often use a forged socket set-screw, which has even higher hardness ratings than non-forged 303 stainless and allows for greater torque capacity, resulting in improved holding power.