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LH Series Leaf Chain

LH leaf chains are heavy-duty type leaf chains manufactured in accordance with ISO and ASA standards. These leaf chains directly interchange with the common ANSI BL series chains. These leaf chains are designed for industrial lift applications due to their interlaced design and the utilization of "oversized" pins. Our LH leaf chains are precision manufactured utilizing high-quality carbon steel components that have undergone processes such as; heat-treatment, shot-peening, and pre-loading. Furthermore, LH series chains are standardly supplied as 10ft, 50ft, or 100ft lengths but custom chain lengths are available upon request. For more information or to get a quote, contact our customer support team, and we will be happy to assist you!

LH Leaf Chain Sizes

Chain Size Pitch (P) Pin Diameter (Dp) Plate Height (Hi) Plate Thickness (S) Pin Length (A1) Tensile Strength (kN) Lacing
LH0823 12.70mm 5.09mm 11.65mm 2.04mm 12.50mm 26.5 2X3
LH0834 12.70mm 5.09mm 11.65mm 2.04mm 16.40mm 39.7 3X4
LH0844 12.70mm 5.09mm 11.65mm 2.04mm -- -- 4X4
LH0846 12.70mm 5.09mm 11.65mm 2.04mm 22.70mm 53 4X6
LH0866 12.70mm 5.09mm 11.65mm 2.04mm -- -- 6X6
LH0888 12.70mm 5.09mm 11.65mm 2.04mm -- -- 8X8
LH1022 15.875mm 5.94mm 14.75mm 2.40mm -- -- 2X2
LH1023 15.875mm 5.94mm 14.75mm 2.40mm 14.40mm 38.9 2X3
LH1034 15.875mm 5.94mm 14.75mm 2.40mm 19.40mm 62.3 3X4
LH1044 15.875mm 5.94mm 14.75mm 2.40mm -- -- 4X4
LH1046 15.875mm 5.94mm 14.75mm 2.40mm 26.80mm 77.9 4X6
LH1066 15.875mm 5.94mm 14.75mm 2.40mm -- -- 6X6
LH1088 15.875mm 5.94mm 14.75mm 2.40mm -- -- 8X8
LH1222 19.05mm 7.93mm 18mm 3.25mm -- -- 2X2
LH1223 19.05mm 7.93mm 18mm 3.25mm 20.70mm 62.6 2X3
LH1234 19.05mm 7.93mm 18mm 3.25mm 27.40mm 96.2 3X4
LH1246 19.05mm 7.93mm 18mm 3.25mm 37.50mm 129.5 4X6
LH1266 19.05mm 7.93mm 18mm 3.25mm 44.15mm 184.8 6X6
LH1623 25.40mm 9.51mm 24mm 3.95mm 25.15mm 98 2X3
LH1634 25.40mm 9.51mm 24mm 3.95mm 33.35mm 154.9 3X4
LH1644 25.40mm 9.51mm 24mm 3.95mm 37.65mm 201.1 4X4
LH1646 25.40mm 9.51mm 24mm 3.95mm 46mm 201.1 4X6
LH1666 25.40mm 9.51mm 24mm 3.95mm 54.05mm 295 6X6
LH2023 31.75mm 11mm 29.60mm 4.70mm 29.70mm 134.5 2X3
LH2034 31.75mm 11.10mm 29.60mm 4.70mm 39.40mm 243.9 3X4
LH2044 31.75mm 11.10mm 29.60mm 4.70mm 44.50mm 273 4X4
LH2046 31.75mm 11.10mm 29.60mm 4.70mm 54.15mm 273 4X6
LH2423 38.10mm 12.68mm 36mm 5.57mm 34.50mm 216 2X3
LH2434 38.10mm 12.68mm 36mm 5.57mm 45.95mm 360 3X4
LH2444 38.10mm 12.68mm 36mm 5.57mm 51.55mm 432 4X4
LH2446 38.10mm 12.68mm 36mm 5.57mm 63.50mm 432 4X6
LH2466 38.10mm 12.68mm 36mm 5.57mm 75.25mm 648 6X6
LH2488 38.10mm 12.68mm 36mm 5.57mm 98.25mm 864 8X8
LH2823 44.45mm 14.28mm 42mm 6.27mm 39mm 263.9 2X3
LH2834 44.45mm 14.28mm 42mm 6.27mm 52mm 395.3 3X4
LH2844 44.45mm 14.28mm 42mm 6.27mm 58.55mm 525.6 4X4
LH2846 44.45mm 14.28mm 42mm 6.27mm 71.95mm 526.7 4X6
LH2866 44.45mm 14.28mm 42mm 6.27mm 85.35mm 788.4 6X6
LH2888 44.45mm 14.26mm 42mm 6.27mm 111.55mm 1,051.2 8X8
LH3223 50.80mm 17.46mm 48mm 7.17mm 43.85mm 332.3 2X3
LH3234 50.80mm 17.46mm 48mm 7.17mm 58.3mm 499.8 3X4
LH3246 50.80mm 17.46mm 48mm 7.17mm 80.6mm 664.7 4X6
LH3266 50.80mm 17.46mm 48mm 7.17mm 94.35mm 993.6 6X6
LH3288 50.80mm 17.46mm 48mm 7.17mm 124.35mm 1,324.8 8X8

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