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50 roller chain

ANSI 50 Roller Chain 5/8" Pitch

The 50 roller chain is the fifth largest roller chain within the ANSI Standard chain size lineup. It has been utilized in a range of applications since the 1930s and has a pitch of 0.625". Our superior selection of 50 roller chains includes ANSI 50 chains in different quality levels, bulk 50 roller chains, problem-solving solutions, anti-corrosive attachment configurations, and more! We also provide helpful information for your 50 roller chain, such as dimensions, maintenance info, and useful tools. For more information or to get a quote on our 50 roller chain, contact our customer service team, and we will gladly assist you!

Popular 50 Roller Chains

Popular Choices

General Duty Plus 50 Chain - 10ft Box

General 50 Chain


Price=$59.99/ box

Our General Duty Plus 50 roller chain is excellent for most 50 chain applications, it is the perfect melody of quality and economic pricing.

Top of The Line

Premium 50 Roller Chain - 10ft Box

Premium 50 Chain


Price=$114.99/ box

Sitting at the top of the roller chain food-chain is our premium 50 roller chain. This offers the best performance and longest life out of any standard 50 chain!

Bulk Reels

Bulk 50 Chains

bulk 50 chain


We supply 50 roller chains in bulk reels such as 50ft or 100ft lengths as well as extended custom lengths!

50 Roller Chain Dimensions

50 roller chain conforms to ANSI B29.1 dimensional standards created in 1930 by the American National Standards Institute. Dimensionally conforming to these standards means our 50 chains directly interchange and interlace with other brands and manufacturers. See the below dimensions chart for details on 50 roller chain dimensions.

50 chain side
50 Roller Chain top
Part # Pitch (P) Roller Width (W) Roller Diameter (D) Overall Width (A) Plate Height (H) Plate Thickness (T) Pin Dia. (E) Weight (LBS/ Ft.) Premium 50 Chain General Duty Plus 50 Chain
50 0.625" 0.375" 0.400" 1.010" 0.590" 0.080" 0.200" 0.66 LBS Info Info

50 Roller Chain Solutions

Conquer any job with 50 chains built for specific environments.

At USA Roller Chain, we understand the challenges that can arise in various applications. That's why we offer diverse solutions to address some of the most common headaches and hurdles. Whether it's for high-speed applications, heavy-duty operations, or any other specific need, we have the right solution to enhance performance and extend the life of your equipment. And if you need any assistance or technical support, our customer service team is always ready to help!

Premium 50 Stainless Roller Chain - 10ft Box

Premium 50 Stainless Roller Chain


Price=$299.99/ box

Our top-of-the-line 50SS stainless chain is a testament to our commitment to precision and quality. It consists of precision 304-grade stainless components, ensuring ultimate corrosion resistance and meeting food-grade requirements. This chain is not just a product but a guarantee of durability, able to operate in applications ranging from -200F to +400F!

Premium 50H Heavy Chain - 10ft Box

Premium 50H Heavy Chain


Price=$139.99/ box

Premium 50H heavy roller chain utilizes thicker side plates than standard, allowing the chain to withstand extended fatigue loads in higher demanding driven applications.

50 O-Ring Roller Chain - 10ft Box

50 O-Ring Roller Chain


Price=$164.99/ box

50 O-ring chains are uniquely manufactured with O-rings strategically placed to keep lubrication within the chain and unwanted debris outside the internal chain components. This chain is designed for dusty or dirty environments and doesn't require continuous lubrication.

Self Lubricating 50 Chain

Self Lubricating 50 Chain


Our self-lubricating 50 chain is a reliable solution in scenarios where maintaining consistent lubrication is complex or improbable. It's designed to not 'drip' lubricant or oil onto the product, ensuring a clean and efficient operation. With this chain, you can rest easy, knowing that your equipment is operating at its best without the constant worry of maintenance.

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#50 Straight Sidebar Roller Chain #50 Straight Sidebar Roller Chain - 50ft Reel
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Typical 50 Chain Applications

Size 50 chains have become a staple chain used worldwide, and the ISO equivalent in other places worldwide is 10A! Our selection of 50 roller chains is found in a range of conveying and drive applications.

Common Applications for 50 Roller Chain Include:
  • Plant machinery, such as large drives, conveyors, and hoist mechanisms
  • Agricultural Equipment including bailers, sprayers, planters, and harvesters
  • Bakeries such as mixers, conveyors, and more
  • Packaging Equipment including sorters, palletizers, and conveyors
  • Drive and conveying applications.

Helpful Info For 50 Chain

50 Chain PDF Drawing

50 chain drawing


For detailed dimensions on 50 roller chain, check out the PDF drawing!

50 Chain Maintenance

50 Chain Maintenance


We go over general roller chain maintenance and best practices for your 50 roller chain so you get the most life out of the chain with optimal performance.

How to Break 50 Chain

How to Break 50 Chain


Breaking your chain the proper way can ensure that you don't degrade the load capabilities or cause the need for a re-break. This selection goes through how to use our premium hand-held roller chain breaker for the best results!