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Metal is a wondrous material with countless applications, but it's unwelcome in your manufacturing processes. USA Roller Chain & Sprockets carries a full line of industrial metal detectors. Discover the tiniest particles along the conveyor belt, and remove them promptly. Serious breakdowns don't occur on your watch. Whether you're in the food-service or plastic-manufacturing business, detecting unwanted materials with metal detection equipment is essential.

USA Roller Chain partners with the top industrial metal detector manufacturers. Our inventory includes machines with under-conveyor convenience or tunnel applications. We also help you with free-fall processes within your production line. Choosing the right product is part of our dedication to your metal detection systems. You can feel confident that each conveyor metal detector has the latest components and software. Interference during production isn't an issue with our stock. Let USA Roller Chain assist you with a metal detector purchase today.

Our metal detectors are made for two simple purposes, to prevent expensive equipment damages and reduce downtime in your facility. We supply metal detectors from industry leading like RENS and Metal Shark who pose a combined industry experience of almost 100 years! Common applications for metal detectors are lumber mills, textile, food, and many more.

The detectors we supply detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals:
Ferrous metals mostly contain iron. They also have small amounts of other metals or elements added to give the required properties. These metals are typically magnetic and will give very little resistance to corrosion.
Non-Ferrous metals do not contain iron, are not magnetic and are more resistant to corrosion when compared to
Ferrous metals.

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