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Cassel Metal Detectors

Cassel is a company noted for manufacturing high-quality metal detecting units for almost any application. The majority of their detectors use the popular Metal Shark brand detectors. We can supply replacement or upgraded Metal shark coils for Cassel metal detectors within the United States, Canada, Central America, and South America. For more information or to get a quote on an upgraded or replacement coil please contact us by email via sales@usarollerchain.com, call (407) 347-3519, or fill out the request form at the bottom of the page.

Common Cassel Metal Detectors

Since Cassel is based out of Europe not all of their products are particularly popular in the areas we service. Below are a few of the most common metal detectors that we supply that are manufactured by Cassel.

COMBI Detector

The COMBI metal detector is a flat detector made for textile and non-woven products. Inherently using Metal Shark coils means that this detector is extremely accurate and sensitive, it also features auto calibration for a fast and easy setup. Each detector is custom designed into segments to suit your specific application needs and then they are supplied with product guides to ensure uniform contact between product and sensing plates.

Gravity Feed

Gravity feed detectors are used in bulk material applications and available in standard and compact designs, are easy to hand install with supplied bracket, and the stainless steel housing provides a total shield against transient noise. These detectors are also supplied with an auto-reject chute and can even be supplied as a high-pressure wash down option.


The BIG PBA is manufactured for engineered wood applications. It can work in both thick and thin production lines and provides precision accuracy with outstanding sensitivity. It can run on conveyor systems that have a speed ranging from 1 to 400ft per minute (FPM).

Cassel Metal Detectors are the number one choice for metal detection on all Siempelkamp and Dieffenbacher forming and press lines. We are now offering a competitive upgrade package to enable you the opportunity to get optimum performance for your forming and press line metal detectors, thus adding to your bottom line!

  • Enhanced graphics presentation on 5.4" color display.
  • Easy set-up, troubleshooting, and test modules
  • Improved reporting capabilities
  • Enhanced logging features for metal alarms and event reports
  • Upgrade from a DSP system for increased sensitivity
  • Most of the spare parts for the DSP system are now obsolete

Sharknet-2 Software
The SharkNET-2 software accommodates a connection to a common point such as maintenance or planning office.
  • The software enables mill personnel to record and display the status of all detectors on a line
  • The data will be recorded automatically and displayed in a report form
  • Remote Control Access if the metal detector is installed in a lack down area

The software also allows the service technician or mill personnel to perform diagnostics, when and if required.
Package includes:
  • Shark2A Control Box
  • Shark Net Software
  • Ethernet Module
  • Mounting Kit

Additional Cassell Metal Detectors

We can also supply the other Cassel metal detector types. To get a quote on these please contact us.

Metal Detector BD (Conveyor)

Metal Detector Conveyor HW

Metal Detector Conveyor HQ SSE

Metal Detector PH (Pharma)

Metal Detector IN LIQUID (Pipeline)

Metal Detector IN MEAT (For Meat Pumps)

Metal Detector FL (Flat Plate)

Metal Detector R (Ring Sensor)

Metal Detector BIG

Metal Detector TU (Tunnel)

Metal Detector RECT

Metal Detector OCTA

Metal Detector RD

Metal Detector COMBI-TU

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To get a quote on an upgraded or replacement coil fill out the request for quote form and someone from our customer service team will contact you.

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