About Us

USA Roller Chain and Sprockets "Not Just a Supplier, an Industry Consultant"
We are a family-owned and operated medium-sized industrial power transmission supplier who has made a point to become one of the most knowledgeable and effective PT distributors in the industry. Having a supplier is one thing, having the USA Roller Chain & Sprockets team on your side is a whole other ball game, we source and buy parts as if we were using it on our own equipment. We service clients all around the globe ranging from end-users to resellers and OEMs.We have an extensive inventory and a specially selected manufacturing network to bring our customers high-quality products at competitive pricing. You won't find another group of family and friends that are more eager to work towards and earn your business. We also have an on-site machine shop that is fully equipped for quick turnaround sprocket boring, chain editing, shaft editing, and much more!

Proudly Member of:

The Sales Team

Going from left to right we have Scott (Vice President), Connor (VP of Sales & Marketing), Angel (Sales Manager), Chris, Victoria, Mayra, Eddy, Clay, Kyra, and Amanda. Between the then of us, there is over 100-years of combined industry knowledge. We can help you with any of your power transmission needs ranging from standard to made-to-order products.

Shipping Team

After you have placed an order or are in need of a freight quote, Angie, and the shipping department are there to help. We make sure to keep on top of your order from the moment it ships until you receive it.

In order to streamline our sales-teams process and ensure fast and accurate response times we have a separate purchasing department for all orders, this department is also in charge of double-checking everything and ensuring that the order is submitted correctly. Heading up this team is Christina, also known around the office as little Christina or "LC".

Mississippi Team

Out of DeKalb Mississippi, we have the notorious Johnny and Stephani (brother and sister). Their day to day responsibility is to accept inventory and ship out inventory, the Mississippi distribution facility is designed with superb efficiency and holds a broad range of chains, bearings, belts, and more!


Heading up our accounting team we have Diana (Angel's wife), Lacie (Connors wife), Katie (Christinas Daughter), and Jimena.

Support Staff

At USA Roller Chain and Sprockets we want to make sure that things get done quickly and correctly; our support staff helps to ensure that. Wesley is here to keep things smooth in the background, without our support staff, USA Roller Chain & Sprockets would not be able to uphold one of the best customer service experiences in the industry.

President & CEO

In the end, everything is managed by Christina, but her daily duties don't end at the office. She is the daughter of Gale, wife of Scott, and mother of Connor, Katlyn, and Chris.