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41 chain

ANSI 41 Roller Chain 1/2" Pitch

41 chain is one of the most commonly used ANSI chain sizes on the market, with a history that dates back to 1930! Our superior selection of 41 roller chains makes it easy to select the right chain for your application. With a 1/2" pitch, this chain is the third largest chain within the ANSI chain size lineup. Our 41 chain selection includes two different quality levels, bulk 41 roller chain, problem-solving 41 chains, and a slew of helpful information such as dimensions, maintenance, and application examples.

Top 41 Chain Options for Every Project

Popular Choice

General Duty Plus 41 Chain - 10ft Box

General 41 Chain


Price=$32.99/ box

General duty plus 41 roller chains are great for almost every application. These 41 chains are made from high-quality carbon steel components and feature heat-treated and shot-peened components.

Bulk Offer

500ft and 100ft 41 Chains Reels

Bulk 41 Chain


For bulk reels we stock 50ft and 100ft reels of 41 roller chain, this includes coated and nickel plated versions of 41 chains! Select the "More Info" button above for more information.

Ultimate Power

Premier Series 41 Chain - 10ft Box

Premium 41 Chain


Price=$59.99/ box

Sitting at the top of the roller chain food chain is our Premier Series; these 41 chains are made with the highest quality materials and high precision components and feature solid bushings and rollers!

41 Chain Dimensions

41 chain side
Bulk 41 Chain top
Part # Pitch (P) Roller Width (W) Roller Diameter (D) Overall Width (A) Plate Height (H) Plate Thickness (T) Pin Dia. (E) Weight (LBS/ Ft.) Premier Series General Duty Plus
41 0.500" 0.250" 0.306" 0.539" 0.378" 0.047" 0.141" 0.26 LBS Info Info

Problem Solver 41 Chains

Conquer any job with 41 chains built for specific environments.

Regarding different variations of 41 roller chains, we offer an extensive selection for solving typical application factors such as lubrication, temperature, and corrosion! The four variants of 41 chains give answers to common industry headaches.

Coated General Duty Plus 41 Chain - 10ft Box

coated 41 chain


Price=$64.99/ box

We take our standard general duty plus 41 roller chain and strategically apply an anti-corrosive coating onto the chain. Coated chains out-last standard nickel-plated chains and can be used in a wide array of corrosive and abrasive applications without rusting , we also supply this option in our Premier Series.

Nickel Plated General Duty Plus 41 Chain - 10ft Box

Nickel Plated 41 Chain


Price=$46.99/ box

Nickel-plated 41 roller chains provide a good degree of anti-corrosive properties and are more economical than a coated chain. Our specific plating processes eliminate the risk of cracks in the plating to ensure you get the best anti-corrosive wear life; we also supply this option in our Premier Series!

Stainless General Duty Plus 41 Chain - 10ft Box

Stainless Steel 41 Chain


Price=$174.99/ box

Constructed from high-quality 304-grade stainless steel, this variant of 41 chain provides the highest level of corrosion and chemical resistance! Often used in food-grade or marine environments, we also supply this chain in our Premier Series.

Premier Self Lubricating (DHA) 41 Chain - 10ft Box

Self Lubricating 41 Chain


We supply a self-lubricating 41 roller chain in our top-of-the-line premier series to solve this task for applications where re-lubricating is impossible or difficult. This variation is also useful when the chain needs to operate dry.

Explore the Full Selection of 41 Chains

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41 Chain Accessories

Whether you're looking to pair your chain with a sprocket, lubricate it, or find a tool like a breaker or a chain puller, we also stock a full line of 41 roller chain accessories!

41 Chain Sprockets

41 Chain Sprockets


We stock a complete selection of 41 chain sprockets ranging from A-Plate, B-Hub, QD-Bushed, and Taper Bushed configurations. Additionally, we supply custom-made 41 roller chain sprockets upon request!

41 Chain Breaker

41 Chain Breaker


Price=$99.99/ ea

Our premium chain breaker is manufactured from high-strength tool-grade steel and breaks ANSI 41 roller chain with ease. We also offer a bench-mount breaker for all-day, every-day, chain-breaking action!

41 Chain Puller

41 Chain Puller


Price=$154.99/ ea

Made from high-grade steel alloys with superior construction, the 41 chain puller provides ample pull strength on two ends of your chain for any task relating to installing or uninstalling your chain.

Roller Chain Lubricants

41 Chain Lube


Consistently lubricating any chain is essential for improving performance and wear life. This is especially true for smaller pitch chains, such as the 41 chain, which has a 1/2" pitch. Discover our lineup of lubricants that will improve your chain's life and performance!

41 Chain Applications

41 roller chain has a 1/2" pitch and is only 0.539" wide, giving it the versatility of operating in space-restrictive operations while still capable of decent loads and energy transmission. Used in a broad spectrum of applications ranging from agriculture, industrial, and more. 41 chain is one of the world's most widely used ANSI roller chain sizes! Something to remember with applications is that the standard carbon 41 chain is designed to operate at temperatures ranging from 15°F to 140°F; for anything outside that range, contact us for a solution.

Common Applications for 41 Roller Chain Include:
  • Agricultural applications, such as implement planters, drives, bailers, and gatherers.
  • Plant machinery, such as small drives, conveyors, and hoist mechanisms
  • Gate operators, hanger doors, and overhead doors.
  • Electric transmission, such as line management, transformers, and solar drives
  • Robotics, pharmaceutical conveyors, scientific equipment
  • Packaging, food processing, and mailer equipment
  • Cotton gins and grain applications
  • Drive and conveying applications.

41 Versus 40 Roller Chain

When comparing a 40-roller chain versus a 41-roller chain, the key factors regarding the chain width, weight, and cost come into play! Oftentimes, it can become confusing in terms of which chain you have when trying to identify a roller chain properly. With the slight differences, these chains will not operate on the same sprockets. We also supply a complete selection of 41 chain sprockets made specifically for the dimensional needs of 41 chain. See the table below for these two chains' technical and average cost differences!

Value Pitch Roller Width Roller Diameter Overall Width Plate Height Plate Thickness Pin Diameter Weight (LBS/ FT) Tensile Strength (Premier Series) Premier Series Cost Difference
40 0.500" 0.312" 0.312" 0.830" 0.470" 0.060" 0.156" 0.40 LBS 4,300 LBS $89.99
41 0.500" 0.250" 0.306" 0.539" 0.378" 0.047" 0.141" 0.26 LBS 2,420 LBS $59.99
Difference 0.000" 0.062" 0.006" 0.291" 0.092" 0.013" 0.015" 0.14 LBS 1,880 LBS $30.00

Helpful Info For 41 Chain

41 Chain PDF Drawing

41 chain drawing


For detailed dimensions on 41 chain, check out the PDF drawing!

41 Chain Maintenance

41 Chain Maintenance


We go over general roller chain maintenance and best practices for your 41 roller chain so you get the most life out of the chain with optimal performance.

How to Break 41 Chain

How to Break 41 Chain


Breaking your chain the proper way can ensure that you don't degrade the load capabilities or cause the need for a re-break. This selection goes through how to use our premium hand-held roller chain breaker for the best results!