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Roller Chain Wear Gauge

When shopping for a roller chain wear gauge it is important to keep in mind that these gauges must be absolutely precise due to the simple fact that they are being used for high-precision roller chains. USA Roller Chain and Sprockets stocks a new industry-leading design roller chain wear gauge that is manufactured to extreme precision tolerances. Not only is it very simple and easy to use, but because it is manufactured from solid steel, it is also highly durable and can be used multiple times for years on end!

How To Use The Roller Chain Wear Gauge

This roller chain wear gauge is extremely easy, simple, and quick to use. The first thing you will want to to is measure the pitch and identify your roller chain, this is shown in the photo below.

As you can see this chain has a 1.00" pitch so it is an ANSI #80 roller chain.
Standard Chain Size Pitch Chart
0.375" 0.500" 0.625" 0.750" 1.000" 1.250"
#120 #140 #160 #180 #200 #240
1.500" 1.750" 2.000" 2.250" 2.500" 3.000"

Next you simply insert the chain wear gauge between the rollers like the photo below. There are markings on the wear gauge for each ANSI size of roller chain for reference. If the gauge step market for the roller chain stops at that chain size without slipping through the roller you are okay. However, if it proceeds to the next step then the chain has stretched past the point of safety and should be replaced immediately.

Example: in the photo above we have a #80 roller chain and the chain wear gauge has stopped at the correct step for #80 roller chain, if it had proceeded to the next step it would be time for that chain to be replaced.

Why A Roller Chain Wear Gauge is Important

It's important to keep up on your roller chain wear before it becomes a problem to prevent down time, unnecessary sprocket wear, and avoid safety hazards. There are also other wear indicators that should be looked at while using the roller chain wear gauge.

Sideplate Wear:

When a chain is being run in a track or on a surface without UHWM chain guide (which we also stock) it can wear down the side-plates. Id the side plate wear is greater than 5% chain replacement is necessary and should be done as soon as possible.

Cracked Plates:

This can happen when a sudden shock load is introduced to the chain or if it is overloaded. Talk to a USA Roller Chain customer support team member as soon as possible because if this happens the chain needs to not only be replaced, but possibly even re-sized.

Elongated Holes:

This can happen because of high overloading. In this circumstance a larger or different type of roller chain is necessary before complete breakage occurs.

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Looking For Replacement Roller Chain?

If you need a quote for new roller chain, sprockets, motors, reducers, shafting, bearings, or other industrial power transmission products simply contact our customer service team and we will be happy to assist you! We have one of the largest roller chain selections in the world ranging from ANSI, Metric, and specalty application roller chains.