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Forage Wagon Apron Chain

Forge wagons have been around since 1891 when they were invented in Canada by William J. Conroy. However, the style of forge wagons we know and use today was invented in 1956 and used a steel or cast detachable chain for their operation. Since then forge wagon chains have been retrofitted with 600-series pintle chains, and T-Bat/ T-Rod chains. At USA Roller Chain and sprockets we stock American steel pintle chains, steel detachable chains, as well as the standard T-Bar and T-Rod chains.

Pintle Forge Wagon Chains

Pintle Chain
Our steel pintle chains are manufactured using heat-treated components and feature an open barrel design for smooth operation. It also utilizes quad-staked pins for added durability and sideloads capabilities.
Stock 600-Class Pintle Chains
Chain Size Pitch Ultimate Strength Sidebar Height (B) Sidebar Thickness (C) Pin Diameter (D) Weight
1.664" 12,500 LBS 0.720" 0.125" 0.281" 1.05 LBS/ FT
2.313" 14,000 LBS 0.875" 0.125" 0.312" 1.17 LBS/ FT
2.250" 23,000 LBS 0.938" 0.170" 0.437" 1.86 LBS/ FT
2.250" 28,000 LBS 1.050" 0.225" 0.465" 2.8 LBS/ FT
2.250" 20,600 LBS 0.937" 0.170" 0.375" 1.81 LBS/ FT
2.609" 29,000 LBS 1.063" 0.200" 0.437" 2.3 LBS/ FT
2.609" 38,000 LBS 1.138" 0.252" 0.500" 3.32 LBS/ FT
2.609" 38,000 LBS 1.138" 0.252" 0.500" 3.32 LBS/ FT
3.075" 52,000 LBS 1.500" 0.315" 0.625" 5.65 LBS/ FT
4.000" 50,000 LBS 1.500" 0.310" 0.625" 5.5 LBS/ FT
Note: Additional information and dimensions available on product pages.

Steel Detachable Forge Wagon Chains

Steel Detachable Chain
Our selection of American standard steel detachable chain is manufactured from a special hot-rolled strip steel that is heat-treated for increased strength and a longer wear life. This type of chain is designed for moderate loads and speeds, it is extremely easy to repair and install.
Steel Detachable Chain Sizes
Chain Size (P)(M)(E)(D)(T)Ultimate Strength
0.904"0.703"0.438"0.422"0.073"950 LBS
#321.57"0.938"0.610"0.594"0.090"1,650 LBS
0.610"0.594"0.079"1,650 LBS
#331.402"0.938"0.627"0.610"0.090"1,650 LBS
#421.375"1.219"0.800"0.781"0.105"2,300 LBS
0.798"0.781"0.125"2,600 LBS
1.133"1.094"0.720"0.703"0.105"2,100 LBS
1.508"1.406"0.760"0.840"0.125"2,700 LBS
0.813"0.796"0.125"2,800 LBS
#621.654"1.563"1.002"0.984"0.148"4,200 LBS
1.664"1.938"1.002"0.984"0.172"5,500 LBS
1.654"1.875"1.002"0.984"0.148"4,400 LBS
2.313"1.875"1.110"1.093"0.185"5,500 LBS
2.313"1.875"1.110"1.093"0.200"6,800 LBS
2.313"2.375"1.110"1.093"0.148"4,800 LBS
2.013"1.938"1.110"1.093"0.172"4,800 LBS
#722.025"1.938"1.110"1.093"0.172"4,800 LBS
S2.906"1.938"1.116"1.093"0.172"4,800 LBS
#72 1/21.643"2.00"1.172"1.156"0.148"4,500 LBS

T-Bar and T-Rod Forge Wagon Chains

T-Bar and T-Rod chains were manufactured to replace steel detachable series chains. Because of the unique design and high-strength steel material used these chains pose better wear life and durability versus steel and cast detachable series chains.

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#67 T-Bar Chain ​67 T-Rod Chain 308C Pintle Chain 32W Steel Detachable Chain
33 Steel Detachable Chain 42 Steel Detachable Chain 50H Steel Detachable Chain 51 Steel Detachable Chain
52 Steel Detachable Chain 55 Steel Detachable Chain 62 Steel Detachable Chain 62A Steel Detachable Chain
62H Steel Detachable Chain 662 Pintle Chain 667H Pintle Chain 667J Pintle Chain
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