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Cogged V-Belts

When choosing what type of v-belt to purchase it is important to consider which style will be best for your application. Classic on-cogged v-belts are economical when it comes to the upfront cost, but this does not remain true for long-term and frequent usage. Cogged belts are designed with slots that run perpendicular to the length of the belt, this design greatly decreases bend resistance of the belt. Because they are dimensionally equivalent minus the slots cogged belts can run on the same pulleys you are already using for standard v-belts. This style of belt is especally useful in high-speed compact drives. USA Roller Chain and Sprockets (USARC) is a premier supplier of AX, BX, and CX single and banded cogged v-belts. To get a quote or for additional information please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Cogged V-Belt vs Standard V-Belt

Benefits of Cogged V-Belts

The benefits of using a cogged v-belt include longer operational life, cooler running, and around a 2% higher efficiency raring than a standard v-belt.
Cost Savings Analysis Example:
Let's say we are running a 100 horsepower supply air fan motor that is rated at 93% efficient and operates at a consistent load of 75%, and it consumes 527,000 kWh annually. When switching from a 93% efficient (E1) v-belt to a 98% efficient (E2) cogged v-belt, with electricity priced at $0.05/ kWh here's what the savings are and how it is calculated.
Energy Savings= annual energy use x(1 - E1/E2)
= 527,000 kWh/year x(1-93/98)= 26,888 kWh/ year
Annual Savings= 26,888 x $0.05 kWh = $1,345/ annually