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Regina Roller Chain

Regina roller chain separates its self from other brands as being a top-quality precision roller chain manufacture that offers an extensive line of standard and specialty roller chains manufactured in Italy. Since 1919 this 4th generation family-owned company has continually made improvements to their roller chain in quality and manufacturing tactics to bring customers a quality product at a competitive price. USA Roller Chain is a top-tier distributor and partner with Regina Chain to supply our clients with their products and solutions.
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Regina Chain Factory in Cernusco Italy

Regina chain has rated an ISO 9001 factory certification, meaning that you are guaranteed a quality product. Their cutting edge manufacturing processes in Italy utilized special hardening and smoothing techniques that improve the life and performance of their chains.

Types of Regina Roller Chain

  • ANSI Sizes 25 - 240 up to Six Strand
  • ISO Sizes 04B - 48B up to Six Strand
  • API Certified Oilfeild Chains
  • O-Ring Roller Chain
  • Chrome Plated Roller Chain and Corrosion Resistant Roller Chains
  • Leaf Chains
  • Double Pitch Roller Chain
  • Table-Top Chain
  • Mat-Top Conveyor Belting
  • Free-Flow Chains
  • Attachment Chains
  • Hollow Pin Chains
  • Rubber Top Roller Chain
  • Gripper Chains
  • Engineer-Class Earth Moving Equipment Chains
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Requesting Regina Roller Chain
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