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Stationary Chain Breaker

Introducing the Break-O-Nator, a state-of-the-art stationary roller chain breaker that makes breaking large quantities of roller chains possible. Designed and manufactured in the USA from premium steel components, the Break-O-Nator is made to perform and last. The simple yet intuitive design allows for easy bench mounting of the unit, classifying it as a bench mount roller chain breaker. The standard manual breaker works by having a specially designed push cam that is activated when force is applied to the grip handle; the cam applies force to the back plate of the spring-loaded die set used, which then pushes the push pins into the rivets of a chain, at this point the pins are entirely pushed through, and the chain is broken. We also offer a hydraulic foot pedal setup and a hydraulic hand pump setup for improved brake output. Something important to note is that the Break-O-Nator is not designed to work with cottered roller chains, and before each breakage, it is imperative to ensure the chain is properly seated and aligned in the die.

Stationary Roller Chain Breaker Video

Stationary Chain Breaker Configurations

We offer three different configurations of the BREAK-O-NATOR and a roller chain link counter for impeccable accuracy :

Standard Manual Setup

The standard Break-O-Nator is a manual hand action setup that utilizes a hand bar for breaking chains.
Hydraulic Hand Pump Setup

The hydraulic hand pump configuration uses a hand pump for effortless breaking.
Hydraulic Foot Pedal Setup

The foot pedal configuration utilizes shop air and is the most effortless configuration of the Break-O-Nator. If you already have the manual base unit and want to upgrade to the hydraulic version, conversion kits are available.
Roller Chain Link Counter

The precision link counter assists with getting the correct chain lengths cut. This single counter works for 35 - 80 simplex and duplex chain sizes and C2040 - C2080 sizes.

Stationary Chain Breaker Die Sets

We offer a wide range of in-stock die sets for various roller chain sizes; these die units work for carbon, nickel-plated, stainless steel, and coated variants of specific chain sizes. Please contact us for a custom die unit if you don't see the specific chain size you need to break.

ANSI Size Metric Size Double-Pitch Sizes Other Sizes
25 05B C2040 80HP
35 06B C2050 420
35-2 08B C2060 428
41 08B-2 C2062H 520
40 10B C2080H 530
40-2 10B-2 C2082H --
50 12B -- --
50-2 12B-2 -- --
60 16B -- --
60-2 16B-2 -- --
80 20B -- --
80-2 20B-2 -- --
100 -- -- --
100-2 -- -- --

Stationary Chain Breaker Replacement Parts

We offer three different configurations of the BREAK-O-NATOR and a roller chain link counter for impeccable accuracy :

Die Set Back Plate

Die Set Repair Kits

Die Set Spring

Guide Rods

Die Set Punch Pins

Die Set Retainer Nut

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