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Shaft Mount Reducers

USA Roller Chain and sprockets is a premier supplier of Shaft Mount Reducers that are premium quality and extremely durable. We are a direct supplier for North American Electric, Hub City, BMR, Cleveland Gear, and Vortex brand reducers. We have a drop-in replacement for the common and standard shaft mount reducers from Dodge, Browning, Morse, Falk, Link Belt, Foote Jones, Edison, Aurora, and LMI. Our shaft mount reducers come standard with high-grade performance gearing, premium cast housings, and precision internal components for the ultimate service life and durability.

Shaft Mount Reducer Interchange
Box Size Ratio NBS Hub City World Wide Electric Cleveland Gear Dodge Browning Morse Dorris Falk Link Belt Foote Jones Edison Aurora LMI Vortex
2 15:1 NBS115-2-15 PT2115S-15 SMR2-15 CGSM2-15 TXT215 115SMT15 115XM15 115TR15 4115JR14 115FX15 8115H15 ED-215 DID-215 DIR215 VXT215
2 25:1 NBS115-2-25 PT2115S-25 SMR2-25 CGSM2-25 TXT225 115SMT25 115XM25 115TR25 4115JR25 115FX24 8115H25 ED-225 DID-225 DIR225 VXT225
3 15:1 NBS203-3-15 PT3203S-15 SMR3-15 CGSM3-15 TXT315 203SMT15 203XM15 203TR15 4203JR14 203FX15 8203H15 ED-315 DID-315 DIR315 VXT315
3 25:1 NBS203-3-25 PT3203S-25 SMR3-25 CGSM3-25 TXT325 203SMT25 203XM25 203TR25 4203JR25 203FX24 8203H25 ED-325 DID-325 DIR325 VXT325
4 15:1 NBS207-4-15 PT4207S-15 SMR4-15 CGSM4-15 TXT415 207SMT15 207XM15 207TR15 4207JR14 207FX15 8207H15 ED-415 DID-415 DIR415 VXT415
4 25:1 NBS207-4-25 PT4207S-25 SMR4-25 CGSM4-25 TXT425 207SMT25 207XM25 207TR25 4207JR25 207FX24 8207H25 ED-425 DID-425 DIR425 VXT425
5 15:1 NBS215-5-15 PT5215S-15 SMR5-15 CGSM5-15 TXT515 215SMT15 215XM15 215TR15 4215JR14 215FX15 8215H15 ED-515 DID-515 DIR515 VXT515
5 25:1 NBS215-5-25 PT5215S-25 SMR5-25 CGSM5-25 TXT525 215SMT25 215XM25 215TR25 4215JR25 215FX24 8215H25 ED-525 DID-525 DIR525 VXT525
6 15:1 NBS307-6-15 PT6307S-15 SMR6-15 CGSM6-15 TXT615 307SMT15 307XM15 307TR15 4307JR14 307FX15 8307H15 ED-615 DID-615 DIR615 VXT615
6 25:1 NBS307-6-25 PT6307S-25 SMR6-25 CGSM6-25 TXT625 307SMT25 307XM25 307TR25 4307JR25 307FX24 8307H25 ED-625 DID-625 DIR625 VXT625
7 15:1 NBS315-7-15 PT7315S-15 SMR7-15 CGSM7-15 TXT715 315SMT15 315XM15 315TR15 4315JR14 315FX15 8315H15 ED-715 DID-715 DIR715 VXT715

7 25:1 NBS315-7-25 PT7315S-25 SMR7-25 CGSM7-25 TXT725 315SMT25 315XM25 315TR25 4315JR25 315FX24 8315H25 ED-725 DID-725 DIR725 VXT725
8 15:1 NBS407-8-15 PT8407S-15 SMR8-15 CGSM8-15 TXT815 407SMT15 407XH15 407TR15 4407JR14 407FX15 8407H15 ED-815 DID-815 DIR815 VXT815
8 25:1 NBS407-8-25 PT8407S-25 SMR8-25 CGSM8-25 TXT825 407SMT25 407XM25 407TR25 4407JR25 407FX24 8407H25 ED-825 DID-825 DIR825 VXT825
9 15:1 NBS415-9-15 PT9415S-15 SMR9-15 CGSM9-15 TXT915 415SMT15 415XM15 415TR15 4415JR14 415FX15 8415H15 ED-915 DID-915 DIR915 VXT915
9 25:1 NBS415-9-25 PT9415S-25 SMR9-25 CGSM9-25 TXT925 415SMT25 415XM25 415TR25 4415JR25 415FX24 8415H25 ED-925 DID-925 DIR925 VXT925
10 15:1 NBS507-10-15 PT10507S-15 SMR10-15 CGSM10-15 TXT1015 507SMT15 507XM15 507TR15 4507JR14 507FX15 8507H15 ED1015 DID1015 DIR1015 VXT1015
10 25:1 NBS507-10-25 PT10507S-25 SMR10-25 CGSM10-25 TXT1025 507SMT25 507XM25 507TR25 4507JR25 507FX24 8507H25 ED1025 DID1025 DIR1024 VXT1025

To get pricing and availability on shaft mount reducers simply give us a call and one of our expert customer service representatives will be happy to assist you. Besides reducers, we also offer electric motors, shafting, bearings, sprockets, roller chains, belting, sheaves, rollers, and much more! We also have an on-site machine shop for quick reaction jobs.

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