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Straight Sidebar Roller Chain

Straight sidebar roller chains share the same dimensions as ANSI or ISO standard roller chains but have straight sidebars. Because of this design these chains are typically found in conveying applications or applications that need a roller chain with a surface to slide on. Our straight sidebar roller chains are designated with a "C" suffix in front of the part number, other brands use "F" or "G", but they are dimensionally identical to ours. This means that the roller chain we provide will directly interchange with other brands. Something that separates us from other suppliers is that we offer two quality levels of chain in this style (General Duty Plus and Premier Series) because we realize that not every application requires a premium high-strength chain and that some applications do. We want to sell you what you need, not what costs more!

Straight Sidebar Roller Chain Sprockets

Because the rollers, plate thickness, pins, and bushings all meet ANSI or ISO dimensional specifications, standard single strand and multi strand roller chain sprockets can be used. To get a quote on straight sidebar chain or sprockets, please contact our sale team at sales@usarollerchain.com or call (407) 347-3519.