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Roller Chain Roller Link

Roller links are the inside links of roller chain, because of this they are also typically known as "inside links". A roller link consists of two bushings, two rollers, and two inside plates that are pressed on to hold everything together. There are few exceptions to this design like roller-less bushed chains such as #25 & #35 ANSI standard roller chains, these types of roller links only consist of two bushing with two inside plates.

USA Roller Chain and Sprockets is one of the nations leading suppliers of industrial power transmission products. Our roller links are manufactured using components that are heat-treated and shot peened, producing a high-strength and high performance inside roller link. To buy our roller links simply select the part number in blue on the chart below. If you don't see the specific link you need, are needing additional information, or have a large quantity request please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Standard Roller Links

ANSI Sizes Heavy Duty Double Pitch ISO Metric
60H C2040 05B
80H C2050 06B
100H C2060H 08B
120H C2080H 10B
140H C2100H 12B
160H C2120H 16B
-- C2160H 20B
-- -- 24B
-- -- --
-- -- --
-- -- --
-- -- --
-- -- --
-- -- --

Stainless Steel Roller Links

Stainless steel roller links are anti-corrosive and are manufactured from high-quality 304-grade stainless steel. We can also supply 316-stainless steel roller links upon request.
ANSI Sizes ANSI Double Pitch
25SS C2040SS
35SS C2050SS
41SS C2060HSS
40SS C2080HSS
50SS C2042SS
60SS C2052SS
80SS C2062HSS
100SS C2082HSS
120SS --

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100 Stainless Steel Roller Link 120 Stainless Steel Roller Link 25 Stainless Steel Roller Link 35 Stainless Steel Roller Link
40 Stainless Steel Roller Link 41 Stainless Steel Roller Link 50 Stainless Steel Roller Link 60 Stainless Steel Roller Link
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Requesting Roller Links

To get a quote on roller links simply fill out the request for quote form and someone from our customer service team will contact you.

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