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How To Identify Pintle Chain

Pintle chain is one of the oldest chain styles that is still in production and in-use today. It's high-strengths and inexpensiveness makes it the chain of choice for many applications all around the world. Because most pintle chains offer such and extended service life it is easy for part numbers to be made unreadable, or depending on the manufacture the part number may not be put on the chain to begin with. Below we will show you how to identify pintle chains based on their class/ series.

To identify the chain simply check the dimensional information then line up each dimension with the size on the chart. Note if none of the below pintle chains match-up to the size you have please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Identify 600-Class Pintle Chains:
Chain Size Pitch (P)Ultimate Strength Sidebar Height (B) Sidebar Thickness (C) Pin Diameter (D) Weight
1.664"12,500 LBS0.720"0.125"0.281"1.05 LBS/ FT
2.313"14,000 LBS0.875"0.125"0.312"1.17 LBS/ FT
2.250"23,000 LBS0.938"0.170"0.437"1.86 LBS/ FT
2.250"28,000 LBS1.050"0.225"0.465"2.8 LBS/ FT
2.250"20,600 LBS0.937"0.170"0.375"1.81 LBS/ FT
2.609"29,000 LBS1.063"0.200"0.437"2.3 LBS/ FT
2.609"38,000 LBS1.138"0.252"0.500"3.32 LBS/ FT
2.609"38,000 LBS1.138"0.252"0.500"3.32 LBS/ FT
3.075"52,000 LBS1.500"0.315"0.625"5.65 LBS/ FT
4.000"50,000 LBS1.500"0.310"0.625"5.5 LBS/ FT

Identify 400-Class Pintle Chains:
Chain Size PitchUltimate Strength Pin Diameter (E) Sidebar Height (F) Barrel Diameter (H) Weight
1.375"7,800 LBS0.31"0.75"0.56"1.4 LBS/ FT
1.603"7,800 LBS0.31"0.75"0.62"1.5 LBS/ FT
1.506"9,100 LBS0.38"0.84"0.69"2.0 LBS/ FT
1.630"9,490 LBS0.38"0.84"0.62"1.9 LBS/ FT
1.634"11,700 LBS0.44"0.94"
0.72"2.5 LBS/ FT
2.308"12,480 LBS0.44"1.00"0.72"2.0 LBS/ FT
2.609"14,300 LBS0.44"0.94"0.88"2.9 LBS/ FT
3.075"28,600 LBS0.75"1.50"1.25"5.7 LBS/ FT
4.060"33,000 LBS0.81"1.75"1.72"8.5 LBS/ FT

Identify 700-Class Pintle Chains:

Chain Size PitchUltimate Strength Pin Diameter (E) Sidebar Height (H) Barrel Diameter (D) Weight
6.00"28,600 LBS0.690"1.500"1.380"4.2 LBS/ FT
6.00"6,000 LBS0.875"2.220"1.465"1.5 LBS/ FT
6.00"40,000 LBS0.750"1.560"1.440"5.2 LBS/ FT
6.00"42,000 LBS0.750"1.560"1.440"6.2 LBS/ FT
6.00"33,000 LBS0.562"1.620"1.880"3.9 LBS/ FT
6.00"33,000 LBS0.569"1.891"1.578"3.9 LBS/ FT
5.844"19,000 LBS0.453"1.453"1.219"2.2 LBS/ FT
6.00"40,000 LBS0.750"1.750"1.500"6.0 LBS/ FT
6.00"40,000 LBS0.750"1.750"1.500"6.3 LBS/ FT
2.609"22,750 LBS0.560"1.190"0.880"4.6 LBS/ FT
6.00"6,000 LBS0.93"2.03"1.44"1.5 LBS/ FT
6.00"6,500 LBS0.932"2.250"1.438"1.6 LBS/ FT
6.00"33,000 LBS0.569"1-37/64"1.024"3.9 LBS/ FT
5.844"19,000 LBS0.453"1-7/32"0.882"2.2 LBS/ FT

Identify 800-Class Pintle Chains:
Chain Size PitchUltimate Strength Barrel Diameter (B) Barrel Length (C) Sidebar Height (F) Weight
6.00"204,800 LBS2.38"3.88"3.13"30.0 LBS/ FT
6.00"84,600 LBS1.75"3.50"2.13"14.1 LBS/ FT
6.00"140,600 LBS1.75"3.50"2.06"16.2 LBS/ FT
6.00"124,000 LBS2.00"3.50"2.25"17.0 LBS/ FT

Identify 900-Class Pintle Chain:

Stock 900-Class Pintle Chains
Chain Size PitchUltimate Strength Maximum Working Load Weight
3.170"32,500 LBS5,000 LBS12.2 LBS/ FT

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