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Salt Spreader Chain

Salt Spreaders have been a crucial component of many private and government operations since the mid-1950s. Salt spreader conveyors can also be used as sand spreaders due to the similarities in material composition. Since salt is so grainy it will eat through most standard agricultural and roller chains. Because of this a pintle style chain is required.

At USA Roller Chain and Sprockets we use premium high-strength pintle chains, see the benefits below.

Our 600-Class Pintle Chain Benefits:
  • Fully heat-treated parts
  • Quad-staked pins
  • Open barrel design
  • Smooth operation
Besides the chains, we also supply sprockets, bearings, shafting, gearboxes, motors, and UHMW wear panels. To get a quote on salt spreader conveyor chain assemblies or for additional information simply give us a call or email sales@usarollerchain.com and we will be happy to assist you. Please note if you don't see the specific OEM or chain listed and need help identifying your salt spreader chain simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

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AIRFLO 14A-8 Spreader Chain Airflo 667X-110 Spreader Chain Airflo A19 Spreader Chain Airflo A33 Spreader Chain
Airflo AF23 Spreader Chain Airflo APU12 Spreader Chain Airflo AS22 Spreader Chain Airflo AT22 Spreader Chain
Airflo CC-244-0 CC1 Spreader Chain Airflo MFND-10 Spreader Chain Airflo PS8-14A Spreader Chain Boughman B20 Spreader Chain
Boughman Spreader Chain FDX 401-00266 Spreader Chain Flash 21HD Spreader Chain Flink 020095 Spreader Chain
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How to Identify Salt Spreader Chain

To figure out what size and Salt spreader configuration you have or need replacing please use the above diagram and and fill out the below information form.

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Other Salt Spreader Chain Styles

Other styles of salt spreader chains include T-Rod, T-Bar, and Steel Detachable Chains. We can supply these salt spreader chain types as well. To get a quote contact our sales team at sales@usarollerchain.com or call (407) 347-3519 and we will be happy to assist you.