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Stamped Steel Bearings

Stamped steel bearings are also commonly referred to as pressed steel bearings and consist of a zinc steel housing that houses a bearing. Our stamped steel bearing lineup includes stamped steel flange bearings and stamped steel pillow block bearings. This bearing series was created as an economical alternative to cast housed bearings for applications that require light-duty performance. Stamped steel bearings are more economical from an upfront cost perspective and long-term general maintenance due to the construction. The construction of stamped steel bearings allows for easy replacement of the bearing insert itself with the simple removal of one portion of the housing. If your insert bearing is still good and the housing becomes damaged, the housing can be easily replaced.

Our stamped steel bearing housings are precision made from high-quality steel that has been zinc plated; the zinc plating creates an anti-corrosive layer to the outside elements, while the precision-made steel housing does an easy job for installing or uninstalling the unit. Additionally, our performance bearing inserts provide great performance and durability in various applications. Made to C3 precision standards with a protective shield or rubber seals protecting the internal components of the bearing, and high-grade bearing grease, our insert ball bearings are made to last. Typical applications for stamped steel bearings include agriculture, conveyors, and general plant machinery.

At USA Roller Chain, we pride ourselves on offering quality industrial components with a wide range of inventory. We supply stamped steel bearings across the spectrum of configurations: round 4-bolt flangettes, 2-bolt diamond flangettes, triangle 3-bolt flanges, and pillow blocks. We also offer vibration dampening insert bearings for applications that require a reduction in noise and vibration. For additional information or to get a quote on our premium stamped steel bearing units contact our customer support team, and we will be happy to assist you!

Stamped Steel Flange Bearings

Flange bearings (also called flangettes) are used when the shaft is mounted perpendicular to the bearing mounting surface. They are supplied in two-bolt, three-bolt, and four-bolt configurations for various application uses. Stamped steel flange bearings are easily unassembled by un-fastening the mounting bolts, removing the front portion of the unit, removing the insert bearing, and removing the backplate. Insert bearing replacement is an easy task by simply unfastening the mounting bolts, removing the front plate, and swapping the old insert bearing with a new one, then remounting the front plate and mounting bolts.

Stamped Steel Pillow Block Bearings

Pillow block bearings are the most common style of bearing; it is used in applications to support the shaft where the shaft is on a parallel axis. These bearings are mounted utilizing two mounting holes and house a precision ball insert bearing. Stamped steel pillow block bearings are unassembled by; un-fastening the two mounting bolts, removing the top portion of the housing, removing the bearing insert, and then removing the bottom part of the housing. Bearing insert replacement can be done by simply removing the top portion of the housing, removing the old insert bearing, inserting the new bearing, and placing the top part of the housing back over the insert.

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