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Nickel Plated Roller Chain

One of the most widely used, anti-corrosive roller chains in the world is nickel plated roller chain. This chain is good for applications that require a high strength, anti-corrosive roller chain. At USA Roller Chain and Sprockets, we offer three different quality levels: Economy Plus, General Duty Plus, and Premier Series. We have an extensive range of standard and non-standard nickel plated roller chains in stock, but if you still do not find what you are looking for or you need a custom manufactured roller chain, please contact us for assistance.

Quality Levels:

Economy Plus nickel plated roller chains are manufactured to ANSI B29.1 standards and feature heat treated components. Heat treating roller chain components before assembly increases the overall durability and working life. We typically recommend Economy Plus series roller chains for light to medium duty industrial applications that are not in continuous motion. We keep these roller chains in 10' boxes, 50' reels, and 100' reels.

General Duty Plus nickel plated roller chains use higher quality material and often have higher rockwell surface hardening on the base components. These chains are heat treated, pre-stretched, and shot peened for better performance and stronger tensile strength ratings. We recommend General Duty Plus roller chains in medium to heavy duty applications, but they also work great in high speed applications. We keep these roller chains in 10' boxes, 50' reels, 100' reels, and we can supply custom length strands upon request.

Premier Series nickel plated roller chains feature solid bushings and solid rollers (SBR). The SBR design provides a longer working life, better performance, as well as reduced internal wear and friction. These chains are also heat treated, shot peened, pre-stretched, and feature case hardened components. Premier Series nickel plated roller chains also use the highest quality carbon steel components for the best performance as well as the highest quality nickel plating for the best anti-corrosion across all three quality levels. We keep these roller chains in 10' boxes, 50' reels, 100' reels, and we can supply custom length strand upon request.

Nickel Plated Roller Chain Process

The process of nickel plating our chains starts with each individual component of the roller chain before assembly. This means that the pins, bushings, rollers, and side plates are all nickel plated and inspected prior to assembly. The inspection process is to verify that there are no uneven surfaces on the plating or missed spots, this prevents chipping and pre-mature corrosion. Then if everything checks out, the chain is assembled, polished, packaged, and ready to be used! This process is done with all three quality levels to ensure that no matter which nickel plated roller chain you need will not pre-maturely fail.

Nickel Plated Roller Chain Sprockets

When selecting sprockets for your nickel plated roller chain, it is important to consider the different types of sprockets that are readily available. The three most common sprockets are plain steel, stainless steel, and black-oxide coated steel sprockets. Standard steel sprockets are not recommended with nickel plated roller chains because they will rust and corrode the very quickly. Stainless steel sprockets have the highest amount of corrosion resistance and would last the longest. We stock a full line of high quality 304-grade stainless steel roller chain sprockets. However, black-oxide coated steel sprockets are relatively inexpensive and have an anti-corrosive black-oxide finish. All of our standard roller chain sprockets are black-oxide coated. To get a quote on sprockets or help deciding which sprocket is best for your application, contact our customer support department where we will be happy to assist you.

Nickel Plated Chain Attachments

In the Premier Series we have a full line of premium quality nickel plated roller chain attachments in stock. We can supply attachment links or fully assembled attachment chain. To get a quote on fully assembled attachment chain, we need the chain size, attachment type, and spacing of the attachments. If you are having trouble getting this information or need assistance, contact our customer service by email at sales@usarollerchain.com or call (407) 347-3519.