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Aqua-Series Roller Chain

Aqua series roller chains were made to be used in highly corrosive environments. These chains are manufactured in both American Standard ANSI B29.1 and Metric ISO 606 chain sizes. What separates Aqua Series roller chains from a standard "coated" style roller chain is a specially engineered coating that is applied to each component of the chain (pins, bushings, side plates, rollers). Each component is quality checked to ensure that the coating is applied evenly before the final step in assembly. This manufacturing technique combined with the special coating ensures a long-lasting anti-corrosive lifespan of the chain. Additionally, something else that separates Aqua roller chains from others is that it features a solid-bushing solid-roller design. This drastically increases the life expectancy and overall performance of the roller chain.

Salt Water Spray Test
Chain Type Hours to Corrosion
Zinc Plated 48-60
Nickle Plated 48-60
Aqua-Chain 450-500
304 Stainless No Corrosion

Typical Aqua-Series Applications
  • Outdoor Applications
  • Wash Down Applications
  • Paper Mills
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Non-Contact Food Packaging
  • Marine Environments
  • Road Salting Equipment
  • Irrigation and Agricultural Applications
  • Sorting Equipment

We can also supply attachment series Aqua-Series chains as we as Aqua leaf chains, and made to order roller chains with the Aqua coating.

Aqua Roller Chain Pricing

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