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Made In USA Roller Chain Breakers

USA Roller Chain and Sprockets is a premier supplier of high quality Made In The USA chain tools and other accessories. We also have a full line of premium quality roller chains, sprockets, bearings, electric motors, reducers, belting, and much more! We strive to provide the best customer service, value and offer an extensive inventory. All of the chain breakers below are manufactured out of premium heat-treated tool grade steel and will break multi strand roller chains as well.

The smallest roller chain breaker that we have breaks ANSI sizes #25 - #60, ISO sizes 04B - 12B, double pitch sixes C2040 - C2060, as well as non-standard roller chains. The premium version of this chain breaker is manufactured in the USA and is notably different in durability when compared to the lesser expensive "import" chain breakers. We also include a free extra tip for those who are breaking chain on the daily.

On up the line is the slightly larger roller chain breaker that will break ANSI sizes #60 - #100, ISO sizes 12B - 20B, and double pitch sizes C2060H - C2100H. This chain breaker is supplied with an additional tip as well and it is manufactured in the USA.

The largest roller chain breakers that we have will break ANSI sizes #120 - #160, ISO sizes 24B - 32B, and double pitch roller chain sizes C2120H - C2160H. It is also manufactured in the USA out of premium tool grade steel and is defiantly the chain tool you want when breaking a large pitch roller chain. Additionally each and every part of this chain breaker is replaceable! So this means if anything happens to the breaker you can just replace one component instead of the entire chain breaker. We also offer a chain breaker that is a little larger than this one, it is called our CB4 chain breaker and will break ANSI sizes #160 - #240. It is the largest hand-held chain breaker in the world!

Now if you are looking for a roller chain breaker that will push the pin all the way through the chain and make a clean break we have that option as well. This breaker is manufactured in the UK out of premium heat-treated steel for maximum strength and durability. What makes these breakers so special besides the through pin design, is that they are able to break pintle chains; leaf chains; and other specialty chains that a traditional chain breaker couldn't do. There are similarly designed chain breakers on the market today at a cheaper price, but don't have the capabilities and durability that this one does. We sell these breakers to the typical Joe breaking chain, forklift repair shops, and roller chain manufactures.

How To Use our Roller Chain Breakers

Safety Notes:
1. Make sure you are wearing safety glasses as well as safety gloves before starting.
2. Make sure that there is no tension on the roller chain, this may require a roller chain puller.
3. Make sure all equipment that chain is on is shut off.

Step #1
Clamp the Chain Breaker Onto the rollers of the roller chain.

Note: It is imperative to make sure that the tip of the roller chain breaker and pin of the roller chain is aligned exactly. If not, you may break the chain breaker tip or be unable to break the roller chain.

Step #2
Turn the handle clockwise to push pin and break the rivet of the chain.

The end result of this should look something like the photo below. As you can see, the roller chain rivet has been broken. Some people choose to stop at this step and attempt to push the single pin out. While this may work in some instances not only is it not recommended, but it can also be very difficult to do.

Step #3
Next, you basically repeat step one and two on the other pin.

After this step your chain should look something like the photo below. Both rivets on that chain side are now broken and you are ready to remove the pin link.

If all steps are done correctly and you have removed your pins then you should have successfully cut/ broken your roller chain.

Besides chain breakers, we are a one-stop-shop for a wide verity of Power Transmission and Industrial Automotive components. We have a full-scale quick reaction machine shop, an export department (Se Habla Espanol), along with over 100+ years of industry experience amongst our sales and support staff. For more information please contact us, and for additional information about the machine shop please click on the banner below.

Disclaimer: USA Roller Chain and Sprockets is not held accountable for any injuries and or cost associated with injuries and or equipment failure caused by improper use of roller chain or roller chain tools what so ever. We have published this page for informational purposes and to help people in the process of breaking a roller chain.
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CB1 Roller Chain Breaker USA #25 - #60 Roller Chain Breaker

Mande In The USA

Our Price: $44.99
USA #60 - #100 Roller Chain Breaker USA #60 - #100 Roller Chain Breaker

Made in the USA

Our Price: $54.99
CB3 Roller Chain Breaker USA #120 - #160 Roller Chain Breaker

Made in the USA

Our Price: $214.99
CB4 Roller Chain Breaker Premium #160 - #240 Roller Chain Breaker

Premium Quality

Our Price: $1,599.99