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Made In USA Roller Chain Breakers

Our roller chain breakers have been made right here in The USA since 1962 and continue to be the pinnacle of roller chain breakers on the market. Breaking a roller chain with ease on a repeated basis is what these roller chain breakers provide. Since 1962 many inexpensive replicas have been produced, but they always seem to fall short of matching USA quality, craftsmanship, and durability! At USA Roller Chain, we are honored to supply and support three generations of roller chain breaker manufacturing in the USA. Our roller chain breakers can be found worldwide and are a consistent favorite for easily breaking a roller chain. All of the below tools are made from high-quality tool-grade steel that has been heat-treated for long-lasting reliability. Discover the original roller chain breaker when choosing our Made In USA chain breakers!

Roller Chain Breaker Catalog

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CB1 Roller Chain Breaker USA #25 - #60 Roller Chain Breaker

Made In The USA

Our Price: $99.99
USA #60 - #100 Roller Chain Breaker USA #60 - #100 Roller Chain Breaker

Made in the USA

Our Price: $149.99
CB3 Roller Chain Breaker USA #120 - #160 Roller Chain Breaker

Made in the USA

Our Price: $429.99
CB4 Roller Chain Breaker Premium #160 - #240 Roller Chain Breaker

Premium Quality

Our Price: $2,099.99

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Roller Chain Breaker Types

CB1 Roller Chain Breaker

The smallest chain breaker we supply is designated by part # CB1. This chain breaker provides customers with the ultimate amount of versatility for roller chains with a pitch ranging from 1/4" (6.35mm) up to 3/4" (19.05mm). Some may know of this breaker size of being the 25 - 60 chain breaker, but it is far more capable than simply breaking ANSI 25 - 60 chain sizes.
CB1 Chain Breaker Capabilities:
  • ANSI Roller Chains - #25, #35, #41, #40, #50, #60
  • ANSI Heavy Chains - #25H, #35H, #40H, #50H
  • ANSI Double Pitch Chains - C2040, C2050, C2060, A2040, A2050, A2060
  • Metric Roller Chains - 05B, 06B, 081, 083, 084, 085, 08B, 10B, 12B
  • Metric Double Pitch Chains - 208B, 210B, 212B
The CB1 roller chain breaker can also break duplex, triplex, and quad-strand chains, making it the most powerful and versatile hand-held small chain breaker on the market!

CB2 Roller Chain Breaker

Next size up is the CB2 roller chain breaker, a medium hand-held tool designed for breaking chains with a pitch of 3/4" (19.05mm) up to 1-1/4" (31.75mm). This breaker class is also called a 60 - 100 roller chain breaker, but much like the CB1 above, its capabilities are not limited to ANSI 60, 80, and 100 chains.
CB2 Chain Breaker Capabilities:
  • ANSI Roller Chains - #60, #80, #100
  • ANSI Heavy Roller Chains - #60H, #80H, #100H
  • ANSI Double Pitch Chains - C2060, C2060H, C2080H, C2100H
  • Metric Roller Chains - 12B, 12BH, 16B, 20B
  • Metric Double Pitch Chains - 212B, 216B, 220B
Like the smaller breaker, the CB2 can break duplex, triplex, and quad-strand chains, unlike most of its inexpensive import replicas.

CB3 Roller Chain Breaker

The largest Made in USA chain breaker is the CB3; this mecca of a tool makes breaking even large roller chains easy. Some may know this as the 120 - 160 roller chain breaker, but like our other USA chain breakers, it is far more capable than just breaking chain sizes 120, 140, and 160. Something else that sets this tool apart is that each component is replaceable! This extinguishes the need of having to buy a whole new tool if just one component wears out.
CB3 Chain Breaker Capabilities:
  • ANSI Roller Chains - #120, #140, #160
  • ANSI Heavy Roller Chains - #120H, #140H, #160H
  • ANSI Double Pitch Chains - C2120H, C2160H
  • Metric Roller Chains - 24B, 28B, 32B
  • Metric Double Pitch Chains - 224B, 228B, 232B
The CB3 chain breaker can also break duplex, triplex, and quad-strand chains. This is only achievable due to the grade and heat-treatment processes that are done to the breaker. Breaking multi-strand roller chains places more stress on a tool; our CB3 is built with the strength necessary to do this. Please note that if you need a breaker larger than the CB3, we have a Made in Japan CB4 breaker capable of breaking chain sizes 160 - 240!

Stationary Roller Chain Breaker

Coming into the latest innovations in roller chain breaking, we are inclined to offer the Made in USA BREAK-O-NATOR, a bench-mount roller chain breaker capable of breaking chains in just 4-seconds time! This unit is recommended for applications requiring roller chain breaking all day, every day! We supply this unit in manual, pneumatic hand pump, and foot-pedal versions. Breaking roller chains has never been easier; discover our BREAK-O-NATOR units today!
BREAK-O-NATOR Chain Breaker Video:

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How to Choose the Right Chain Breaker

We stock chain breakers for ANSI chain sizes 25 through 240 and metric sizes 05B through 48B! The below size chart shows you what chain breaker is needed for the chains size. Please note, our breakers break up to triple-strand sections of chain!

ANSI Sizes Breaker # Metric Sizes Breaker # Double Pitch Sizes Breaker # Heavy Sizes Breaker #
25 CB1 05B CB1 C2040/ A2040 CB1 25H CB1
35 CB1 06B CB1 C2050/ A2050 CB1 35H CB1
41 CB1 08B CB1 C2060/ A2060 CB1 40H CB1
40 CB1 081 CB1 2060H CB2 50H CB1
50 CB1 083 CB1 C2080/ A2080 CB2 60H CB2
60 CB1 085 CB1 2080H CB2 80H CB2
80 CB2 10B CB1 2100H CB2 100H CB2
100 CB2 12B CB1 2120H CB3 120H CB3
120 CB3 16B CB2 2160H CB3 140H CB3
140 CB3 20B CB2 208B CB1 160H CB4
160 CB3 24B CB3 212B CB1 180H CB4
180 CB4 28B CB3 216B CB1 200H CB4
200 CB4 32B CB3 220B CB2 240H CB4
240 CB4 40B CB4 224B CB3 12BH CB2
-- -- 48B CB4 228B CB3 -- --

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How To Break Roller Chain

  1. Make sure you wear safety glasses and gloves before starting.
  2. Make sure there is no tension on the roller chain; this may require a roller chain puller.
  3. Make sure all equipment that the chain is on is shut off.
Clamp the Chain Breaker Onto the rollers of the roller chain.

Note: It is imperative to ensure that the tip of the roller chain breaker and the pin of the roller chain are aligned precisely. If not, you may break the chain breaker tip or be unable to break the roller chain.
Turn the handle clockwise to push the pin and break the rivet of the chain.

The end result of this should look something like the photo below.

As you can see, the roller chain rivet has been broken. Some people choose to stop at this step and attempt to push the single pin out. While this may work in some instances, not only is it not recommended, but it can also be tough to do.
Next, you repeat steps one and two on the other pin.

After this step, your chain should look something like the photo below.

Both rivets on that chain side are now broken, and you are ready to remove the pin link.
If all steps are done correctly, and you have removed your pins, you should have successfully cut/ broken your roller chain.

Disclaimer: USA Roller Chain and Sprockets is not held accountable for any injuries and or cost associated with injuries and or equipment failure caused by improper use of roller chain or roller chain tools what so ever. We have published this page for informational purposes and to help people break a roller chain.