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Wastewater Flights and Wastewater Flight Monitoring Systems

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USA Roller Chain and Sprockets offers a full line of high strength and high quality flights for wastewater applications as well as other applications. We also have a state of the art flight monitoring system that is designed to prevent "train wreaks" and keep you up and running. Flights are typically supplied as 31-grade stainless steel, aluminum, wood, or fiberglass, but can be ordered in different materials if needed. Flights are typically located in primary clarifiers, secondary clarifiers, and cross collectors.

Standard Flight Assembly Diagram:

Please note that all items on this assembly is directly purchasable from USA Roller Chain & Sprockets.
Parts List:
Flight (Specify Type)
Flight Attachment (Specify Chain Size/ Attachment)
Filler Block (6" or 8")
Hardware (Based on Assembly)
Return Wearshoe
Carry Wearshoe

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