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160 roller chain

ANSI 160 Roller Chain

160 roller chain is a 2" pitch transmission roller chain that dimensionally conforms with ANSI B29.1 Standards. Our superior selection of 160 roller chains includes single-strand through six-strand widths, riveted or cottered configurations, problem-solving solutions, and more! 160 chain has been in use since the 1930s and has played an essential role in the revolution of industry and drives as we know it today. For additional information or to get a quote on the 160 chain, contact our expert power transmission specialist today, and we will gladly assist you!

Popular 160 Roller Chains

Popular Choices

General Duty Plus 160 Chain - 10ft Box

General 160 Chain


Price=$506.99/ box

General duty plus 160 roller chains are great for almost every application. These 160 chains are made from high-quality carbon steel components and feature heat-treated and shot-peened components.

Top of The Line

Premium 160 Roller Chain - 10ft Box

Premium 160 Chain


Price=$859.99/ box

Sitting at the top of the roller chain food-chain is our premium 160 roller chain. This offers the best performance and longest life out of any standard 160 chain!

Easy Disassembly

Premium Cottered 160 Chain - 10ft Box

Cottered 160 Chain


Price=$1,149.99/ box

Our premium 160 roller chain maintains the same strength and performance as rivited but with the added benifit of easy field disassembly!

160 Chain Dimensions

As stated above, all of our 160 chains dimensionally conform to ANSI standards, meaning they are direct drop-in replacements to existing applications and interlace with other standard 160 chains. See the chart below for the exact dimensions of 160 chains.

160 chain side
160 Chain top
Part # Pitch (P) Roller Width (W) Roller Diameter (D) Overall Width (A) Plate Height (H) Plate Thickness (T) Pin Dia. (E) Weight (LBS/ Ft.) Premium 160 Chain General Duty Plus 160 Chain
160 2.000" 1.250" 1.125" 2.723" 1.899" 0.252" 0.563" 6.61 LBS Info Info

160 Chain Solutions

Conquer any job with 160 chains built for specific environments.

Our 160 roller chain is a versatile solution, capable of meeting the demands of various applications. Whether you require a higher-strength chain, operate in a dirty environment, or convey heavy-duty material, we have the answer! If you need a specific configuration or assistance with your chain application, don't hesitate to contact us!

160 Super Roller Chain - 10ft Box

160 Super Roller Chain


Price=$989.99/ box

For applications that demand the most out of a drive chain we offer our Super 160 roller chain has thicker side-plates, quad-staked rivets, and is made from special alloys for ultimate power and strength!

Double-Capacity 160DC Chain - 10ft Box

160DC roller chain


Price=$1699.99/ box

The strongest 160 roller chain that can run on standard simplex 160 sprockets is our unique double-capacity chain! 160DC chain has double the capacity of a 160 chain while still maintaining the status of being a single-strand chain!

Straight Sidebar C160 Chain

C160 roller chain


For heavy-duty conveying drive applications we supply this special C160 roller chain, it utilizes straight side bars for a smooth surface for carrying product from one point to the next.

Maintenance Free 160SG Chain

160SG roller chain


In applications where there is large amounts of dirt, dust or other debris and in scenarios where it is difficult to lubricate your 160 chain we supply 160SG chain. This chain is maintenance free and sealed, keeping lubrication in and debris out.

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160 Chain Applications

Size 160 roller chain applications span numerous industries, serving as a reliable chain size in most scenarios. With a 2" pitch and an overall width of 2.723" at the connecting link (master link), 160 chains are considered one of the larger chain sizes and provide great versatility and strength. It's important to note that the standard carbon 160 chain is designed to operate at temperatures between 15°F and 140°F. We're here to provide a solution for any application outside that range.

Common Applications for 160 Roller Chain Include:
  • Mining & Aggregate Drive Applications
  • Plant machinery, such as large drives, conveyors, and hoist mechanisms
  • Large Machinery such as cranes, crushers, shredders, and more
  • Mixers, agitators, and more
  • Oil and Gas, drilling, and Draglines
  • Drive and conveying applications.

Helpful Info For 160 Chain

160 Chain PDF Drawing

160 chain drawing


For detailed dimensions on 160 roller chain, check out the PDF drawing!

160 Chain Maintenance

160 Chain Maintenance


We go over general roller chain maintenance and best practices for your 160 roller chain so you get the most life out of the chain with optimal performance.

How to Break 160 Chain

How to Break 160 Chain


Breaking your chain the proper way can ensure that you don't degrade the load capabilities or cause the need for a re-break. This selection goes through how to use our premium hand-held roller chain breaker for the best results!