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Double-Strand (Duplex) Roller Chain

USA Roller Chain & Sprockets offers a wide range of Double Roller Chains to meet various industrial needs. Our Double Roller Chains are built with exceptional strength and durability in mind. Made from high-quality alloy steel and precision-engineered, these ANSI roller chains can withstand heavy loads and harsh operating conditions. The robust construction and heat treatment ensure long-lasting performance, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity.

USA Roller Chain & Sprockets offers a diverse selection of Double Roller Chains to suit various applications. From ANSI standard roller chains to specialty designs, you can find the perfect roller chain for your specific requirements. We provide double strand roller chains in different sizes, pitches, and configurations, ensuring compatibility with your existing systems or custom installations.

Double Roller Chains from USA Roller Chain & Sprockets undergo advanced surface treatment processes, making them highly resistant to corrosion and wear. This feature is particularly crucial in industries where double strand roller chains are exposed to harsh environments, chemicals, or temperature variations. With these roller chains, you can be confident that they will last longer, reducing maintenance costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Partnering with USA Roller Chain & Sprockets means you are choosing a reputable supplier known for our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With our extensive industry experience, we can provide expert guidance in selecting the right Double Roller Chain for your specific application.

With their superior strength, enhanced power transmission capabilities, wide range of options, and corrosion resistance, these Double Roller Chains from USA Roller Chain & Sprockets stand out as an excellent choice for industrial power transmission needs. By investing in these ANSI double strand roller chains, you can expect exceptional performance, extended service life, and reliable operation for your equipment and machinery.

Make the right decision today and choose Double Roller Chains from USA Roller Chain & Sprockets. Experience the difference in quality, durability, and customer service from a proven leader in the industry. Order online today!

ANSI double strand roller chains are manufactured in accordance with The American National Standards Institution B29.1 standards. These chains include sizes #25 up to #240, our ANSI double roller chains do exceed the B29.1 standards in aspects of strength, performance, and manufacturing processes used.

ANSI Double Roller Chain Sizes

Chain Size Pitch (P) Roller Width (W) Roller Diameter (D) Overall Width (A) Plate Height (H) Plate Thickness (T) Pin Diameter (E) Avg. Ultimate Strength Weight (Per Ft)
#25-2 0.250" 0.125" 0.130" 0.590" 0.230" 0.030" 0.091" 1,700 LBS 0.19 LBS
#35-2 0.375" 0.188" 0.200" 0.876" 0.356" 0.050" 0.141" 4,640 LBS 0.46 LBS
#40-2 0.500" 0.312" 0.312" 1.212" 0.475" 0.058" 0.156" 7,500 LBS 0.85 LBS
#50-2 0.625" 0.375" 0.400" 1.504" 0.594" 0.079" 0.200" 13,230 LBS 1.37 LBS
#60-2 0.750" 0.500" 0.469" 1.890" 0.712" 0.093" 0.234" 18,530 LBS 2.04 LBS
#80-2 1.000" 0.625" 0.625" 2.440" 0.950" 0.125" 0.312" 33,080 LBS 3.41 LBS
#100-2 1.250" 0.750" 0.750" 2.986" 1.188" 0.157" 0.375" 50,720 LBS 5.28 LBS
#120-2 1.500" 1.000" 0.875" 3.776" 1.425" 0.189" 0.437" 65,270 LBS 7.88 LBS
#140-2 1.750" 1.000" 1.000" 4.058" 1.663" 0.219" 0.500" 90,410 LBS 10.03 LBS
#160-2 2.000" 1.250" 1.125" 4.900" 1.901" 0.255" 0.563" 115,550 LBS 13.48 LBS
#180-2 2.250" 1.406" 1.406 5.414" 2.130" 0.283" 0.687" 160,960 LBS 17.65 LBS
#200-2 2.500" 1.501" 1.562" 5.980" 2.376" 0.312" 0.782" 218,300 LBS 21.95 LBS
#240-2 3.000" 1.875" 1.875" 7.236" 2.850" 0.375" 0.937 304,280 LBS 32.45 LBS

Metric double roller chains are manufactured in accordance with British Standards (BS), ISO, and DIN. We supply double-strand metric roller chains in size 04B-2 up to 56B-2.

Chain Size Pitch (P) Roller Width (W) Roller Diameter (D) Pin Diameter (E) Plate Height (H) Transverse Pitch (T) C/L Width (A): Breaking Load Weight (Per Ft)
04B-2 6.00mm 2.8mm 4.0mm 1.85mm 5.0mm 5.50mm 13.3mm 5.8 kN 0.23 kg/m
05B-2 8.00mm 3.0mm 5.0mm 2.31mm 7.1mm 5.64mm 14.5mm 10.2 kN 0.36 kg/m
06B-2 9.525mm 5.72mm 6.35mm 3.28mm 8.2mm 10.24mm 24.4mm 18.7 kN 0.8 kg/m
08B-2 12.7mm 7.75mm 8.51mm 4.45mm 11.8mm 13.92mm 32.2mm 38.7 kN 1.0 kg/m
10B-2 15.875mm 9.65mm 10.16mm 5.08mm 14.7mm 16.59mm 37.5mm 56.2 kN 1.8 kg/m
12B-2 19.05mm 11.68mm 12.07mm 5.72mm 16.1mm 19.46mm 43.6mm 66.1 kN 2.5 kg/m
16B-2 25.4mm 17.02mm 15.88mm 8.28mm 21.0mm 31.88mm 69.3mm 133.0 kN 5.4 kg/m
20B-2 31.75mm 19.56mm 19.05mm 10.19mm 26.4mm 36.45mm 81.5mm 211.2 kN 7.2 kg/m
24B-2 38.1mm 25.4mm 25.4mm 14.63mm 33.4mm 48.36mm 106.2mm 319.2 kN 13.5 kg/m
28B-2 44.45mm 30.99mm 27.94mm 15.90mm 37.0mm 59.56mm 129.1mm 406.8 kN 16.6 kg/m
32B-2 50.8mm 30.99mm 29.21mm 17.81mm 42.2mm 58.55mm 129.6mm 508.5 kN 21.0 kg/m
40B-2 63.5mm 38.1mm 39.37mm 22.89mm 52.9mm 72.29mm 161.5mm 711.9 kN 32.0 kg/m
48B-2 7.62mm 45.72 48.26mm 29.24mm 63.8mm 91.21mm 198.2mm 1130.0 kN 50.0 kg/m
56B-2 88.9mm 53.98mm 53.98mm 34.32mm 77.8mm 106.60mm 229.6mm 1760.0 kN 70.0 kg/m

Double roller chains are found in a slew of applications and machinery!
Factory machinery uses double-strand roller chains all over for various drive systems.
Conveyor lines use double roller chain for heavy-duty roller, slat, and belt conveyors.
Forestry applications such as lumber mills and paper mills use double strand roller chains in their equipment.
Various lifting machines, mechanisms, and equipment utilize double roller chains for their lifting needs.
Double roller chains are used in agricultural equipment such as elevators, trenches, planters, and more.


All of our the double-strand roller chains in this section fully comply with ANSI B29.1 Standards. This means that they will directly interchange with other brands, run on the same sprockets, and use the same attachments. So when you shop with us you never have to be concerned with interchanging, non-fittings, or wear issues as long as you are using other ANSI Standard products. What sets USA Roller Chain and Sprockets apart from the "other guys" is our high level of customer service and our staff of well trained PT experts. We're also a one-stop-shop, basically can provide anything from the electrical components you need to the conveying and drive components. We also have a specialized fast-reaction machine shop for custom parts and assemblies. To get more information or for a quote on double roller chain please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
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