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Gear Rack Mounting Aid

gear rack mounting aid

Installing gear racks can be daunting, especially when aligning and ensuring proper positioning when assembling multiple racks into a continuous length. However, with our easy-to-use gear rack mounting aid, this task becomes highly simplified, and you are guaranteed to get the correct fitment for proper rack and pinion operation.

Gear Rack Mounting Aid Use Example

gear rack mounting aid use example

We supply these mounting aids in C45 carbon steel, 16MnCr5 steel ground on all surfaces and induction hardened, and 303 stainless steel. All mounting aids are supplied as 13-tooth sections. For additional information or to get a quote on gears, racks, or mounting aids, contact our customer service team, and we will be happy to assist you!

Gear Rack Mounting Aid Dimensions

The below size chart shows the dimensions for the gear rack mounting aids and has clickable links directly to product pages for a simplified process of selecting your rack mounting aid. Please note that tolerances for dimensions "h" and "H" are: Module 1.5 - 2 = -0.2mm, Module 2.5 - 4 = -0.3mm, and Module 5 - 8 = -0.4mm.
Gear Rack Mounting Aid Dimensions
Part # Module Pitch Width (H) Height (H) Height (h) Length (L) Tooth Quality Material Weight
22760000 1.5 4.71 10mm 10mm 8.5mm 60mm 8d25 C45K 0.039kg
22868000 1.5 4.71 15mm 15mm 13.5mm 60mm 7h25 16MnCr5 0.096kg
22899600 1.5 4.71 15mm 15mm 13.5mm 60mm 8d25 303SS 0.095kg
20560000 1.59 5 15mm 15mm 13.4mm 63mm 8d25 C45K 0.101kg
20599600 1.59 5 15mm 15mm 13.4mm 63mm 8d25 303SS 0.101kg
24160000 2 6.28 16mm 20mm 18.0mm 80mm 8d25 C45K 0.180kg
24168000 2 6.28 20mm 20mm 18.0mm 80mm 7h25 16MnCr5 0.207kg
24199600 2 6.28 20mm 20mm 18.0mm 80mm 8d25 303SS 0.225kg
24260000 2.5 7.85 20mm 25mm 22.5mm 100mm 8d25 C45K 0.353kg
24299600 2.5 7.85 25mm 25mm 22.5mm 100mm 8d25 303SS 0.438kg
24360000 3 9.42 25mm 30mm 27.0mm 120mm 8d25 C45K 0.637kg
24368000 3 9.42 25mm 25mm 22.0mm 120mm 7h25 16MnCr5 0.518kg
24399600 3 9.42 30mm 30mm 27.0mm 120mm 8d25 303SS 0.762kg
21060000 3.18 10 30mm 30mm 26.8mm 127mm 8d25 C45K 0.815kg
21099600 3.18 10 30mm 30mm 26.8mm 127mm 8d25 303SS 0.815kg
24460000 4 12.57 30mm 40mm 36.0mm 162mm 8d25 C45K 1.37kg
24499600 4 12.57 40mm 40mm 36.0mm 162mm 8d25 303SS 1.81kg
24560000 5 15.71 40mm 50mm 45.0mm 201mm 8d25 C45K 2.84kg
24660000 6 18.85 60mm 60mm 54.0mm 241mm 8d25 C45K 6.14kg
24860000 8 25.13 80mm 80mm 72.0mm 324mm 8d25 C45K 14.3kg
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