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Brass Gear Racks

brass gear rack
Brass material gear racks provide a long-lasting working life in corrosive and abrasive environments while also having the ability to be easily machined due to the softness of the material. More specifically, our brass gearing (racks and gears) is made from high-quality Ms58 (2.0401) brass and is manufactured using an overhead milling cutter. The teeth are made to a 20° pressure angle and are available in module 0.3 - 1 pitch options. However, we also supply brass gear racks in other pitches or pressure angles upon request. For more information or to get a quote on our precision brass gear racks or brass spur gears, contact our customer service team, and we will be happy to assist you!

Brass Gear Rack Dimensions

brass gear rack drawing
Part # Module Dimension (b) Dimension (H) Dimension (h) Length (L) Weight
26060100 0.3 2mm 4mm 3.7mm 250mm 14 Grams
26160100 0.5 2mm 4mm 3.5mm 250mm 14 Grams
26260100 0.7 4mm 6mm 5.3mm 250mm 42 Grams
26360000 1 7mm 5mm 4mm 250mm 56 Grams
26360100 1 10mm 8mm 7.0mm 230mm 131 Grams
26360300 1 10mm 10mm 9.0mm 250mm 184 Grams
26360500 1 10mm 10mm 9.0mm 500mm 371 Grams
Note: Due to the manufacturing method, Dimensions H and h are -0.2mm in tolerance.
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