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Lube Free Roller Chain

Lube Free Roller Chain is a maintenance-free roller chain that is primarily recommended for applications where proper chain lubrication is difficult or impossible to achieve. This lube free roller chain features fully heat-treated components which adds to the overall fatigue resistance and strength of the chain. It also features precision components that conform to all ANSI standards to insure a smooth and great performance. What makes this chain lube-free is the sintered alloy bushings, which are oil impregnated and work with the specially treated bearing pins, releasing lubricant when and where necessary to achieve maximum working life. Lube free roller chain saves you time and money by not having to be manually lubricated, having a long economic life with no additional lubrication purchases needed, less down time which leads to more production, and providing a clean run which reduces the risk of contamination of products, machines, floors, and more. One thing that is always important to remember when running lube free roller chain is to always use sprockets with hardened teeth. For more information on Lube Free Roller Chain or to get a quote, please contact us.