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Round Baler Chains

Hay balers have been around since 1872 and were spawned from cutting devices that were invented in the 1860's. These machines made hay gathering easier and produced them to optimal size to prevent spontaneous combustion and prevented rotting. Then in 1910, the round baler was invented by Ummo Luebben Cicra, but it wasn't commercially produced until Allis-Chalmers introduced the Roto-Baler in 1947. Innovation began on the round balers in 1965 when an Iowa State University graduate developed a new design that would produce bales that were 5ft. in diameter and 7ft. in length. In today's world, we commonly use both mini and large round hay balers to manage the hay.

At USA Roller Chain and Sprockets, we offer direct Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs) chain replacements at competitive pricing. Our agricultural series chains are manufactured using high-strength heat-treated components made to precision tolerances for the best-in-class durability and long-term performance. We also supply sprockets, square bailer components, bearings, and replacement bale elevator chains. Below are some standard assemblies for New Holland replacement chains. If you don't see the specific chain assembly needed, brand, or are needing a custom assembly quoted, please contact us at (407) 347-3519, email sales@usarollerchain.com, or simply fill out the below request form and we will be happy to assist you!
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New Holland 714629 Upper Chain New Holland 845 Floor Chain New Holland 845 Upper Chain New Holland 846 Floor Chain
New Holland 846 Upper Chain New Holland 847 Floor Chain New Holland 847 Upper Chain New Holland 848 Upper Chain
New Holland 849 Floor Chain New Holland 849 Upper Chain New Holland 850 Upper Chain New Holland 851 Floor Chain
New Holland 851 Upper Chain New Holland 852 Floor Chain New Holland 852 Upper Chain New Holland 853 Upper Chain
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To get a quote on round baler chain assemblies fill out the request for quote form and someone from our customer service team will contact you. Please note if you don't have all of the information below and need help identifying what you need please contact us and we will assist you.

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