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Redi-Keyed Shafting

Redi-Keyed Shafting is a standard in-stock item at USA Roller Chain & Sprockets. We have a complete line of high-quality Redi-Keyed Shafting ranging from inch to metric sizes, along with the accompanying keystock that goes with Redi-Keyed Shafting right of the shelf! Our high quality Redi-Keyed Shafting is typically manufactured out of CF1018 steel but is also available in a stress-proof 1144 grade steel, 303-grade stainless steel, and a ground and polished (TGP) configuration. We can also produce custom shafting upon request.

USA Roller Chain and Sprockets is a medium-sized family owned and operated company focused on competitive pricing, quality products, and excellent customer service. We are a one-stop shop all of your PT and MRO needs, ranging from drive components of all sorts, to conveying components, all the way through the automation end of things (sensors, robotics, ect..).
Redi-Keyed shafting is a registered trademark of Southeastern Shafting which is distributed by USA Roller Chain and Sprockets as an authorized distributor. to the For pricing and availability on Redi-Keyed Shafting or for more information please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Keyed Shaft Chart
Inch Shaft Size Keyway Width Keyway Depth Metric Shaft Size Keyway Width Keyway Depth Stock Lengths
5/8"3/16"3/32"13mm5mm2.3mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
7/8"3/16"3/32"14mm5mm2.3mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
9/16"1/8"1/16"15mm5mm2.3mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
1/2"1/8"1/16"16mm5mm2.3mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
3/4"3/16"3/32"17mm5mm2.3mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
11/16"3/16"3/32"18mm6mm2.8mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
15/16"1/4"1/8"19mm6mm2.8mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
1"1/4"1/8"20mm6mm2.8mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
1-1/16"1/4"1/8"21mm6mm2.8mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
1-1/8"1/4"1/8"22mm6mm2.8mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
1-3/16"1/4"1/8"23mm8mm3.3mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
1-1/4"1/4"1/8"24mm8mm3.3mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
1-3/8"5/16"5/32"25mm8mm3.3mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
1-5/16"5/16"5/32"26mm8mm3.3mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
1-7/16"3/8"3/16"27mm8mm3.3mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
1-1/2"3/8"3/16"28mm8mm3.3mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
1-5/8"3/8"3/16"30mm8mm3.3mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
1-9/16"3/8"3/16"32mm10mm3.3mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
1-11/16"3/8"3/16"33mm10mm3.3mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
1-3/4"3/8"3/16"35mm10mm3.3mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
1-7/8"1/2"1/4"36mm10mm3.3mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
1-15/16"1/2"1/4"40mm12mm3.3mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
2"1/2"1/4"45mm14mm3.8mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
2-1/8"1/2"1/4"50mm14mm3.8mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
2-3/16"1/2"1/4"55mm16mm4.3mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
2-1/4"1/2"1/4"60mm18mm4.4mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
2-3/8"5/8"5/16"65mm18mm4.4mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
2-7/16"5/8"5/16"70mm20mm4.9mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
2-1/2"5/8"5/16"75mm20mm4.9mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
2-5/8"5/8"5/16"80mm22mm5.4mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
2-11/16"5/8"5/16"85mm22mm5.4mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
2-3/4"5/8"5/16"90mm25mm5.4mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
2-7/8"3/4"3/8"95mm25mm5.4mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
2-15/16"3/4"3/8"100mm28mm6.4mm3ft, 6ft, 12ft
3"3/4"3/8"---------3ft, 6ft, 12ft
3-1/8"3/4"3/8"---------3ft, 6ft, 12ft
3-3/16"3/4"3/8"---------3ft, 6ft, 12ft
3-1/4"3/4"3/8"---------3ft, 6ft, 12ft
3-3/8"7/8"7/16"---------3ft, 6ft, 12ft
3-7/16"7/8"7/16"---------3ft, 6ft, 12ft
3-1/2"7/8"7/16"---------3ft, 6ft, 12ft
3-5/8"7/8"7/16"---------3ft, 6ft, 12ft
3-3/4"7/8"7/16"---------3ft, 6ft, 12ft
3-15/16"1"1/2"---------3ft, 6ft, 12ft
4"1"1/2"---------3ft, 6ft, 12ft

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