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8V-Belt Sheaves

Pulleys, belts and sprockets are at the heart of your mechanical machines. No lifting, manufacturing or movements can be completed without them working at full tilt. Put your trust in 8V sheaves from USA Roller Chain. What makes our parts different? Start your discovery of our inventory with a look at the metal itself. Standard grade 25 materials are reasonable for some facilities, but you need more strength. Our 8V belt sheaves are made out of grade 35 cast iron, which is a world apart from grade 25. Seeing is believing as you shop through our 8V belt pulley inventory. Find your groove quantity that might range from four to 16 channels. Remember to specify whether you need QD or taper-lock styles too.
Our versatile inventory has you covered as your machinery needs change through the years. No one will be stuck in a bind with our parts either - you're welcome to interchange the parts with other brands. A belt and 8V sheave will connect and run together without any hindrances. It's our goal to keep you running regardless of the brands in play. Whether you need bore-range flexibility or enhanced wear resistance, USA Roller Chain has the 8V sheave dimensions that will fit any assembly.
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