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Double Pitch Roller Chain

We have a full line of high quality double pitch roller chains ranging from ANSI to ISO and DIN standards, materials, configurations, and quality levels. We stock these chains in 10ft boxes, 50ft reels, and 100ft reels on some sizes, we can also supply custom cut to length strands upon request.

What is Double Pitch Roller Chain?

Double pitch roller chain is equivalent to standard roller chains just with "double the pitch". For example, #80 roller chain has a 1" pitch and C2080 double pitch roller chain has a 2" pitch but all other dimensions are equal to an ANSI standard #80 roller chain.
When it comes to design aspects of double pitch roller chain versus a standard roller chain, these chains are typically manufactured with straight sidebars because these chains are typically used in conveying applications, but the "A" series and metric double pitch chains can have the extended "figure eight" style side-plates.

Double Pitch Roller Chain Styles

Because of their useful functionality, double pitch roller chains are available from stock in different configurations and styles.

Standard Style Double Pitch Roller Chain

Standard double pitch roller chains are supplied with straight sidebars and standard sized rollers.

Oversized Roller Double Pitch Roller Chain

Double pitch roller chains with "oversized rollers" are manufactured with roller diameters that exceed the width of the side plates. This style is typically used in applications where there is a product resting on the top of the chain or where the rollers are used to keep the chain in a guide track. A good example of this chain in use is Cotton Module Chain, the cotton rides on top of the chain while the rollers keep the chains in tracks.

A-Style Double Pitch Roller Chain

This series of double pitch roller chains are typically found in agricultural applications and light duty conveyor applications.

Metric Double Pitch Roller Chain

Metric double pitch chains share the same characteristics looks-wise as the A-Series but they meet ISO specifications and are high strength. These chains are specially designed and are typically found in equipment that was designed or manufactured in Europe.

Hollow Pin Double Pitch Roller Chain

Hollow pin double pitch roller chain is used in a wide range of conveying and agricultural applications. We also keep stainless steel double pitch roller chains in-stock for corrosive or high to low temperature applications.

Corrosion Resistant Double Pitch Roller Chain

We also stock corrosion resistant double pitch chains in 304-grade stainless steel, nickel plated, dacromet coated, and zinc plated.

Double Pitch Roller Chain Sprockets

Even though double pitch roller chains meet ANSI or ISO standards, in most cases they will not run on a standard single strand sprocket correctly, resulting in increased wear on the chain and sprocket. Because of this, we stock a full line of double pitch roller chain sprockets. They are manufactured with a special tooth profile for optimum performance and to ensure that you get the most out of your chain and sprocket. To get a quote on chain or sprockets, please contact our sales team at sales@usarollerchain.com or call (407) 347-3519.