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C2060H Conveyor Chain

C2060H conveyor chain features a 1-1/2" pitch and is manufactured for industrial conveying applications. We keep these chains in stock in three different quality levels, Economy Plus, General Duty Plus, and Premier Series.

Economy Plus C2060H chain is manufactured to ANSI standards, features solid rollers, and uses heat treated components. The tensile strength of this chain is 10,300 LBS

General Duty Plus C2060H chain is also manufactured to ANSI standards, has solid rollers and heat-treated components. The components of this series are higher precision and use better raw materials for good long-term performance.

Premier Series C2060H chain uses the best quality components, has solid bushings and solid rollers, has gone through several different specialty manufacturing processes to ensure that this chain has the best performance and highest strength.

Important Note:
When looking for C2060H conveyor chain (photo below on the left) it is important to not mix it up with
C2062H roller chain (photo below on the right). This is a common and easy mistake to make because both of these chains are manufactured with the same side-plates, meaning that the part number stamped on the side of both chains is most likely "C2060H".

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C2060H Conveyor Chain Sprockets

When deciding on sprockets for you C2060H chain it is important to keep in mind that you should use special double pitch roller chain sprockets when the tooth count is 30 or below. This is because standard roller chain sprockets does not allow for the roller to properly engage with the tooth fully. This causes premature wear on both the chain and sprocket! We stock a full line of C2060H sprockets, checkout the below chart for the stock sizes.
Stock C2060H Roller Chain Sprockets
Sprocket SizeTooth CountOutside DiameterStock BoreMaximum BoreLength Thru BoreWeight
2060B11113.000"3/4"1"1-1/4"1.14 LBS
2060B12123.250"3/4"1-1/4"1-1/4"1.46 LBS
2060B13133.490"3/4"1-5/16"1-1/4"1.52 LBS
1.86 LBS
2060B15153.980"3/4"1-3/4"1-1/4"2.24 LBS
2060B16164.220"3/4"1-27/32"1-1/4"2.64 LBS
2060B17174.460"3/4"2-3/32"1-1/4"3.08 LBS
2060B18184.700"3/4"2-9/32"1-1/4"3.56 LBS
2060B19194.940"3/4"2-11/32"1-1/4"3.94 LBS
2060B20205.190"3/4"2-9/16"1-1/4"4.50 LBS
2060B21215.430"3/4"2-3/4"1-1/4"5.02 LBS
2060B22225.670"3/4"2-3/4"1-1/4"5.26 LBS
2060B23235.910"3/4"2-3/4"1-1/4"5.54 LBS
2060B24246.150"3/4"2-3/4"1-1/4"5.90 LBS
2060B25256.390"3/4"2-3/4"1-1/4"6.08 LBS
2060B26266.630"3/4"2-3/4"1-1/4"6.36 LBS
2060B28287.110"3/4"2-3/4"1-1/4"7.02 LBS
2060B30307.590"3/4"2-3/4"1-1/4"7.54 LBS