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Crawler Chain

Crawler chains (also known as crawler Fletcher chains) are heavy-duty conveyor-type mining chains made for some of the most demanding applications in the mining industry. Our heavy-duty crawler chains are manufactured from premium alloy steel for added strength, specific heat treatments for improved abrasion resistance, and a heavy press fit for improved fatigue strength. We supply 15" wide crawler chains, 17.75" crawler chains, and 16" Fletcher crawler chains in various lengths. For additional information or to get a quote, contact our customer service team, and we will be happy to assist you!

Wear Pad Crawler Chains

On this style of crawler chain, wear pads are welded directly on top of an offset drive style chain; we supply these standardly in 15" & 17" width options in 15.87ft sections. However, custom-wear pads and lengths can be supplied upon request.

Fletcher Crawler Chain

Fletcher crawler chains are constructed as a solid "link" bound to one another with a heavy-duty pin that is secured with high-hold locking collars. These chains are sometimes referred to as Fletcher belts or belt assemblies. Our standard configuration is a 16" wide pad that is 5.43' in length. We can also supply alternative widths or lengths upon request.