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3V-Belt Pulleys

Setting your pulley-and-belt configurations should be quick and easy with parts from USA Roller Chain. Get to know our inventory of 3V belt sheaves that match perfectly with 3V-series V-belts. Choose from our vast stock that includes single-groove sheaves and up to 10-groove pulleys. Your application defines the choice. Each 3V pulley has well-defined grooves that fit snugly with either 3V-series V-belts or banded varieties. If you have other brands of pulleys and belts, that's no problem. Our dedication to ARPM standards makes interchanging a snap. Simply find your 3V-belt pulley dimensions on our handy chart. Every possible measurement is made to simplify your ordering needs. From pitch diameter to sheave weight, you'll know what you're ordering from the very beginning. Remember that each 3V belt pulley comes with grade 35 cast iron, phosphate coatings and corrosion-resistant paint. These pulleys stand up to the harsh conditions that are typical in any industrial environment. Put your trust in the sheaves' dynamically balanced construction too. Vibration and oscillation reduction is part of our dedication to your assembly needs. No pulley leaves our facility without a thorough testing that leads to a longer life for your machinery. Every part works in harmony together.