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Roller Chain MRO Parts

Our roller chain maintenance repair and overhaul inventory includes a complete selection of tools, chain repair kits, and accessories to keep your roller chain in working condition.
At USA Roller Chain and Sprockets, we have made it our mission to become one of the most knowledgeable and valuable power transmission distributors in the industry. The tools and accessories we purchase are a reflection of that, and they are sourced with the utmost thought and precision. Our extensive assortment of high-quality tools includes:

  • Chain Breakers - There are a handful of durable chain breaker options available, small to large, made right here in the USA.
    • What it does: Allows you to disassemble chain in order to add or remove links (drive out chain pins with a twist of a handle).
  • Chain Guides - With an extremely large selection of UHMW chain guides and material variations in stock, there is a solution for every application.
    • What it does: Can be used to reduce noise, minimize friction, assure precise alignment, and extend the life of your roller chain.
  • Chain Pullers - The options are plenty and are designed to outlast and outperform other chain pullers on the market.
    • What it does: Pulls two ends of the roller chain together to make installing or disassembling chains fast and easy.
  • Chain Wear Gauge - We carry over a dozen chain wear gauges that are durable and simple to use for years to come.
    • What it does: A tool that accurately measures roller chain wear and indicates the percentage of elongation so you know when it's time to replace your chain safely.
  • Roller Chain Links - We have three different types of roller chain links available:
    • Connecting links (master links)
    • Roller links (inside links)
    • Offset links (half Links)
  • Roller Chain Lubricant - Having the largest selection of Sprayon roller chain oil lubricants and lubrication systems makes it easy for you to find the roller chain lubricant for your application.
    • What it does: Reduces wear and friction by minimizing direct metal-to-metal contact by acting as a slippery film on the chain components. It also acts as a barrier against moisture and therefore helps to prevent corrosion.
  • Roller Chain Tensioners - There are many premium chain tensioner options to choose from that are equally versatile as much as they are durable.
    • What it does: Ensures proper tension and guides, controls, and quiets the timing chain. It is a major benefit to the drive system!
  • Roller Chain Repair Kit - These kits include everything you need to make a repair or extend the length of your roller chain. Each set includes connecting, roller, and offset links.
Whether you are here for a tool or repair, we have the quality products you are searching for. With years of experience in the power transmission industry, USA Roller Chain and Sprockets is your go-to source for top-quality products at competitive prices. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help meet your needs!