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X-Ring Roller Chain

X-ring style roller chains are designed to keep the chain lubricated while keeping debris out of the chain. Spawned off from the notorious O-Ring roller chains that have become a standard product in the industry these chains are essentially the next "o-ring" chain. Because of the design, an X-ring has better functionality, durability and power loss versus o-ring chains. X-ring chains really shine in applications that are dirty, dusty, and hard to maintain. Because of the factory pre-loading, solid bushings solid rollers, and premium heat-treated carbon steel components our X-ring chain is made for the longest wear life while having high fatigue resistance.

Something important to note is that these chains are Industrial Duty roller chains and are not be utilized in automotive applications. Also, these chains are not recommended in applications where solvents or other substances might attack the "nitric rubber" rings. Special material options are available for these conditions upon request.

X-Ring Roller Chain Sizes

*Dimensions are in millimeters*
Pitch (P)
Weight (kG/ M)
40LX 12.70 7.95 7.92 3.97 20.0 20.0 10.7 1.5 12.0 10.4 0.67
50LX 15.875 9.53 10.16 5.09 23.4 23.9 12.8 2.0 15.0 13.0 1.08
60LX 19.05 12.70 11.91 5.96 29.2 30.0 16.0 2.4 18.1 15.6 1.62

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