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PIV Chain

PIV, or positively infinitely variable chain, is a roller chain designed for transmission gearboxes that are used in a variety of industrial applications, such as textile production lines, printing press machines, packaging line equipment and other machinery. The main feature of the PIV roller chain is its variable pitch. The construction of the chain features batches of thin plates that are capable of moving independently of each other. This flexibility allows the chain to mesh with grooves that taper from the edge to the center of the gearbox wheel face at different effective pitch diameters. We offer a selection of PIV roller chains designed for different torque capacities and speed ranges. Contact us directly and provide specifications of your equipment if you need our help choosing the right PIV chain.

PIV chain is also commonly known as a Positively Infinitely Variable chain (P.I.V). We stock a full line of PIV chains including the following LB series; 1LB, 2LB, 3LB 4LB, 5LB, 6LB and roller PIV Chain. USA Roller Chain is a major supplier of a wide range of industrial chains, sprockets, bearings, motors, and more. We are a one stop shop, family owned operation that strives to provide the best in customer service and fair pricing. For more information or to get a quoter on PIV Chain please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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