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Low Temperature Roller Chain

Low temperature roller chain (TK-Series) is manufactured for applications that require a high-strength roller chain that is capable of operating in sub-zero degree temperatures. These roller chains feature a solid bushing and solid roller (SBR) design for proven long-term high performance and durability. Each component of this roller chain is heat treated and specially hardened before assembly to ensure durability and tensile strengths. What makes TK series chains have the ability to operate in low temperatures is a special low-temp oil that is installed into to every moving component at the factory. This gives the chain the ability to successfully operate in temperatures as low as -40°F. These chains are available in ANSI and ISO Metric sizes, but we can also have a complete custom MTO roller chain manufactured with the TK series low temperature ratings.

TK Series Sprockets

When needing sprockets for the TK Series low temperature roller chain, we recommend a sprocket manufactured out of SAE1045 steel that is black-oxide coated and with hardened teeth (when looking for a sprocket under 30-teeth). The high-grade of steel will help with preventing any brittle effect from low temperatures, the black-oxide coating will prevent corrosion, and the hardened teeth will keep the sprocket teeth from hooking. TK series chains use a hardened roller so they will wear down a sprocket without hardened teeth much quicker. We keep sprockets in-stock that meet these specifications. To get a quote on TK-Series roller chains or sprockets, please contact our sales team at sales@usarollerchain.com or call (407) 347-3519.