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Double Pitch Metric Roller Chain

Double pitch series metric chains are one of the most common types of metric roller chains in use. These chains are manufactured to ISO and DIN standards so they are interchangeable with other brands. What separates our double pitch metric chains from others is that each component is heat-treated and hardened thus producing a chain that has better performance and higher tensile strength.

Double Pitch Metric Chain Sizes

Pitch (P)
Breaking Load (kN)
Weight (kG / ft)
208B 25.40mm 7.75mm 8.51mm 4.45mm 11.18mm 1.6mm 1.6mm 16.7mm 17.2mm 18.69 0.14
210B 31.75mm 9.56mm 10.16mm 5.08mm 14.7mm 1.7mm 1.7mm 19.5mm 20.9mm 23.31 0.20
212B 38.10mm 11.68mm 12.07mm 5.72mm 16.0mm 1.9mm 1.9mm 22.5mm 25.2mm 30.345 0.23
216B 50.80mm 17.02mm 15.88mm 8.28mm 21.0mm 4.15mm 3.1mm 36.1mm 39.1mm 60.00 0.53
220B 63.50mm 19.56mm 19.05mm 10.19mm 26.4mm 4.5mm 3.5mm 41.3mm 45.0mm 95.00 0.80
224B 76.20mm 25.40mm 25.40mm 14.63mm 33.2mm 6.0mm 4.8mm 53.4mm 57.8mm 160.00 1.43
228B 88.90mm 30.99mm 27.94mm 15.90mm 36.7mm 7.5mm 6.0mm 65.1mm 69.5mm 200.00 1.89
232B 101.6mm 30.99mm 29.21mm 17.81mm 42.0mm 7.0mm 6.0mm 66.0mm 71.0mm 250.00 2.04

Double Pitch Metric Chain Accessories

Besides the chain, we can also supply sprockets or attachments. It is important to note that due to the construction of the chain most standard sprockets will not work, only certain tooth counts for 08B - 24B single pitch roller chain sprockets will work with double pitch series metric chains. If you are needing sprockets for this chain please contact our sales department to either confirm a standard sprocket that will work or to get a quote on a non-standard sprocket.

We also offer double pitch metric roller chain attachments. If you're needing attachments we can supply them individually or already assemble onto the roller chain. To get pricing on a complete strand we need to know the chain size, attachment type, attachment spacing, and footage needed. If you're having trouble identifying your attachments or getting any other information please contact our sales department for help, you can email us at sales@usarollerchain.com or call (407) 347-3519.
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