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Double Pitch Conveyor Roller Chain

Because of their design, double pitch roller chains are preferred for conveying applications. Their straight side bars offer a "carry surface" they have the same tensile strengths as their ANSI equivalent single-pitch chains, and they are lighter weight and cost saving. Double pitch conveyor roller chain is typically double pitch series roller chains with oversized rollers. If you're looking for the standard double pitch chains we have those in stock as well.
On the left we have the standard style and on the right we have the "oversized roller" style. It can be easy to get both styles mixed up when looking for the chain because often times the same part number is stamped on the side plates for both chains. The benefit to the oversized rollers is that you now have a chain that can roll on surfaces as well as carry product. This is good if you are trying to run the chain in a track or over a certain distance without having to use wear materials and have excessive chain wear.